Here is Why Campus Students Are Spoilt Brats

egerton campus

A campus is within a society made of people who have residence, economic establishment , social standing , religious places, schools for their children etc. Campus has from time to time been proven catastrophic and reckless by the surrounding societies especially when it comes to the behavior of the beholders i.e students.

A well established lady would kindly offer advise of change perhaps erotic clothing or vulgar language to a young ‘Spoilt’ campus girl and will automatically receive a stream of insults that would put this lady into unending silence concerning any campus girl or guy. Ofcourse the complaints will be there, but under roofs, behind closed doors and only among those in campus who claim to be “Holy Marrys”.

As if that’s not enough, generally the behavior of most students may jeopardize the nature and virtues of a particular society. For example an aborted remains of a child being found at a dump site within Njokerio- a potential student-community marketplace in Egerton , or in Ndarugu river.

Where exactly do you think they will find the culprit? Either way the community will probably blame the students and the students will probably blame one of their own which is 90% or more true than speculated. The community will be ashamed of the students. And except from acquiring money for their daily living would rather the campus was never part of their communities setting.

Research has shown that young societal children that grow around/within campuses are likely to be more immoral than those that are not near universities and colleges. why?

For example Egerton has primary and secondary schools within the campus, this children would see scenes they are not supposed to see at their ages. They will probably hear things that they should not be hearing at the particular time. A class 4 pupil would openly abuse his friend “f**k you” as if it’s a norm. Most campus students have used this word as a normalcy and this little kids get to hear and even express it in writing. That leaves their teachers and parents to correct.

This guy who recently moved to a house outside campus thinks he owns the world, he would comfortably bring in a girl after another and have loud s3x, and comfortably throw the condom wrappers or even the used rubbers anywhere they seem fit. He would have bashes every Friday with excessive alcohol, Shisha and “hot chicks” but loud music stays on 24-7. He is forgetting he has a neighbor, a form 4 student who has to be studying late for KCSE. A sick woman who all she needs is rest, A little curious boy who puts everything and anything he finds on the ground in his mouth.

My question still remains are most campus students fit to be referred to as ladies and gentlemen??




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