Higher Learning Institutions Feature in Most Searched List of 2014


Google has released a list of the Top and Trending Searches for the year 2014 in Kenya. Institutions of Higher learning, the Higher Education Loans Board(HELB) and the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) featured prominently in the lists. This goes along way in proving that the Kenyan Campus fraternity is very active online.

In the Trending Searches Category, the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services (KUCCPS) emerged at the second position just after the World Cup. KUCCPS is the body that replaced the Joint Admissions Board and is responsible for allocating university and college spots to qualified students after sitting for their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examinations (KCSE). The body which became operational on March 10 oversaw the placement of some 90,000 candidates who sat the Form Four examination last year in different universities and colleges around the country.

SearchesIn the Top Searches Category, HELB was ranked as the third most search term in Kenya after OLX and EPL in that order. HELB is responsible for awarding of higher education loans to qualified and deserving students in institutions of higher learning. This year, HELB has delayed the disbursement of the funds making some students in universities going for a full semester without the funds.At position nine in this category was Kenyatta University. The Thika-road based university is considered one of the best institutions of higher learning in Kenya.

In the How to Category, “how to survive” topped the list alluding to the Kenyan lifestyle in which people have been reduced to finding means to survive against the harsh economic, political and insecure environment. “How to network” and “How to date” came in second and third respectively on the Google’s Top Ten How to Searches for 2014. “how to lie” and How to Photoshop” are some other peculiar results appearing on this list at positions six and nine respectively.

In Kisumu, Maseno University led the Top Ten Trending list. The University of Nairobi came in 5th in Kisumu top searches followed closely by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) at position six. The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) Results came in at position seven with Mount Kenya University coming in from the rear at position nine in top ten searches in Kisumu.

The Technical University of Mombasa was ranked 3rd with Pwani university appearing at position five in the top searches in Mombasa. Nairobi searches were crowded with Socialites, World Cup, Politics and Ebola but the KUCCPS managed to appear in position 3 on the top ten list.

Vera Sidika was the most searched person in 2014 outshining the former Prime Minister who had topped the list in 2014. The PM did not even appear on the top ten list. Otieno Kajwang’ was the second most searched person in Kenya with Pastor Kanyari making a debut at position 10. Others on the list include Betty Bayo at position at position 7 amd Myles Munroe at the third position.

The Most Searched Symptoms was the Ebola Symptoms, a clear indication of how Kenyans were afraid of the killer disease. This was followed by diabetes symptoms and the symptoms of hypertension respectively. Depression symptoms appeared at position four sealing the growing concern of Kenyans with regard to lifestyle diseases.



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