Hilarious: 7 Types Of People You Will Definitely Meet While Traveling, No.5 Will Leave You Agape!


There comes a time in life when you are left with no option but to travel, just to make ends meet. While traveling by private means is good, public means are even much better.

To start with, I travel habitually. But do I say? As I have been going round the country, I have learnt of different kind of  people you are likely to come across. Especially if you travel by bus and go for a long distance. Even though I may be traveling during the night, my eyes are always open to see what’s going on. The list below is a sample of the people you should prepare to encounter next time you are out on a trip. Here we go…

1: No Body’s Business

If you chair next to this kind of a person, count yourself lucky. Everything going around in the vehicle or even around has nothing to do with them. They seem lost in their own world. If you find them already sited, even a hi to them is useless. They appreciates nothing at all. If you are the kind who values personal space, look for them and buttock down next to them.
2: The Critic
I like them because they make me wiggle down my heart. Everything to them looks bad or maybe bitter. I presume they diet on chill or lemon. When you become friendly, they say you are cheap. When the driver speeds, they are like, what? He should drive slowly. When the vehicle stops at a point so as passengers can relieve themselves, the critic says this is bullshit. They criticize everything excluding nothing. What’s interesting about them is that they get to a point of criticizing themselves.

3: The Dozy

Last time I traveled, I hated myself. I don’t know what had happened to my power of choice. My friend slept all the way for over 500km journey. To add salt onto the injury, this fellow leans on me with a weight of over 80kgs. Be prepared for this lot who I bet they come from a tsetse fly infested area. If someone sited or coming to sit next to you looks tired, get lost. This would save you from being a

“sleeping pillar”

4: The yappy

Again, very interesting lot. I personally love them. They story tell a lot. They make the long journey very short. These people were proportionally blessed by God to share generously by word of mouth. They will tell you of stories which some do not even exist. Above all, they are generally charming. They could also irritate you especially when you are on meditation period.

5: The stress dispenser

I am always the first one to report at my work place, not because I love my work. No no no, if you thought so please change your mind. I love the hot coffee dispensed. Picture how that sweet coffee is dispensed in my cup, in fact I take more than enough of it. The stress dispensers are the worst of all types of people you meet while traveling out there. You will curse whoever bore you, should you meet any of them. These people are easily irritated by very minute thing. They generally look bothered. See one like that, on your heels please.

6: The love birds aka PDAs

If you are single, I bet you will shed tears. They are so “generous” towards each other but very mean to the public. They show each other of how deeply they are in love. Worse of all if it is at night, they do what should be reserved for the bedroom. They range across any age bracket. Last time I checked I saw an aged couple of about over sixty five. Advice to them: use the seats for two but remember moderation. Extensional salute to all the love birds whenever you are; keep going and drop your copy.

7: The believer

Amen. Or should I start with hallelujah? The lot are


in respect to religion. They are seen with religious apps in their smart phones. They will not alight if they have not given you a verse or two from the holy book. Advice, advice and advice. Men! You will get enough of that. Funniest part of them, when a

“man/woman of God”

comes in. they will get into feelings. If you are not their type, find a way out.

That marks the end of our story till next time. Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment box below. Your readership and support is greatly valued. Keep it locked.



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