How Chuka University Graduate Landed a Lucrative Job at Chandaria Industries


If you Google the Great Depression between 1929-39, the deepest and longest-lasting economic downturn in history, you will come across images of men wearing unemployment signs.

Its 2016 and Kenya is not in a depression but Patrick Muthomi surprised everyone when he stood in the middle of a busy highway in Nairobi with a placard reading, ‘Please give me a job’.

And that act of bold courage and determination landed him a job as an accounting professional at Chandaria Industries’ finance department. “It was a dream come true,” the former Chuka University student who is pursuing a CPA qualification said.

Patrick says he could not see any other way to have his plight addressed other than to take a bold step to approach fellow Kenyans.

Soon after appearing on the streets, his image went viral on social media and the debate started about this bold man who had done something never seen before.

He received countless phone calls and text messages from people some praising him, some criticising him and some asking him for his resume but nothing concrete developed from all the phone calls.

That was not until Darshan Chandaria, the Group CEO of Chandaria Industries, saw Muthomi’s stunt on social media and admired his gut. A strong believer in transforming people’s lives, he got his team to immediately speak to Patrick and set up a face- to- face interview.

Patrick jumped at the opportunity to meet him and was encouraged because he had been selling Chandaria Industries products part time while seeking employment. Darshan personally interviewed him and immediately offered him a job.

Patrick was very passionate about selling but when Darshan realised that he had completed approximately 60 per cent of his CPA he explained to him that because he had invested a lot of time and money in being an accounting professional; the best way to professionally develop himself would be to work in the firm’s finance department.




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