How I have been Making Sh10,000 a Week on Odibets with Sahihi Bet Account Management Plan

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Just after sharing how Gedion, a Bomet County resident won a staggering Sh5 million in Betika grand jackpot two weeks ago using combinations from a tipstar Platform Sahihi Bet, another sports enthusiasts and betting client, Dismus Barasa has shown how the platform has helped him get 10,000 shillings profit each week.

As narrated, Gedion staked Sh60 and correctly predicted 15 out of 17 games to win the Betika jackpot bonus. He was two games short of getting the mega jackpot of Sh100 million. This was among the 3 best combinations he had acquired from Sahihi Bet, a tipstar platform in Kenya.

On the other hand, Barasa has never attempted the Jackpot and has been betting on Odibets and sometimes Betway Kenya. Since he started betting in 2015, he says he never won till 2020 January when he enrolled and subscribed for the Sahihi Bet Account Management Plan. He says, he is 4 weeks into the plan and has won more than 40,000 shillings as profit so far.

“This has earned me what I had lost in SportPesa before it closed down its business in Kenya”, Barasa says.

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He notes that he only decided to try it out for a week because he had only 3,000 shillings. So, he paid 2,000 shillings as service charge and deposited 1000 shillings into his betting account. He then shared his login details and let the account to be managed by Sahihi Bet professionals.

“On the 3rd day of management, I logged in and unbelievably, I had slightly over 7,000 shillings. I withdrew 3, 500 shillings and on subsequent days, I was making atleast 2,000 shillings as profit per day. Mine was only to withdraw and pay for the services, never bothering about which game to place or following livescores all night long and eventually losing as i used to”, he depicts his happiness.

Betika among the tens of betting sites in Kenya, is now a leading sports betting brand in Kenya, almost taking all the SportPesa clients. It has rewarded many of its registered customers through various promotions just as is the case with Betway, Odibets and Bet254.

Gideon, the jackpot winner said that he contacted Sahihi Bet via SMS on 0758271865 on Monday the previous week and asked for the preservation of the combinations for the mega jackpot for him. He says he paid Sh1,500 for the combinations of Jackpots listed in 3 betting sites. Sahihi Bet gave him 3 combinations for each and he managed to win a Bonus in the Betika Grand Jackpot.

On the other hand, Barasa for Account Management Plan; he says he paid for the service charge of 2,000 shillings via MPESA to 0792862269 then deposited 1,000 shillings into his Betting Account. After making payments, he sent his betting site name, login password via SMS to 0758271865.

How can You Subscribe to Sahihi Bet Plans?

The Jackpots all go for a price of 500 shillings for three combinations. To get Jackpot combinations for 3 or more sites, it costs 1,500 shillings.

Other Plans include Daily which provides subscribers with a multibet slip of 15 odds for a one off price of 250 shillings.

There is also a weekly plan which gives one 15 odds sure win each day for seven days. This costs 1,000 shillings.

You can also opt for a monthly plan which is an extension of the Weekly plan at a cost of 3,500 shillings. All slips under this plans are provided via SMS to the number used to make Payments.

If you are busy to do all the stuff in betting or you simply lack the oomph to win, Sahihi Still has you covered. They manage your betting account for either a week or a month and makes you a profit of 10,000 shillings per week and 40,000 shillings per month. This plan is charged at 2,000 shillings per week and 6,000 shillings per month.

How Do you Make Payments?

Simple. All Payments are sent directly via MPESA to 0792862269.

You can also join Sahihi Bet on Telegram and Follow their Page on Facebook.



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