How i Made it After Campus

How i Made it After Campus

When I graduated a few years ago I was excited about the life awaiting me. I thought I would immediately land a well-paying job as an accountant in one of the major firms in the city, earn enough money to accord me a good life. Man, life has a way of humbling you after campus. I went to countless interviews without getting even a rejection email telling me what I did wrong or where I ought to improve.

My parents were counting on me to provide for them so I couldn’t sit around anymore. I started working as a casual laborer in construction sites. There are days I would get lucky and others I would go back home without a coin in my pocket. You know construction work is tough so I had a lady move in with me to warm my nights. Within no time she got pregnant. You can’t blame me bro, I’m very virile. {Chuckle}

She wasn’t working therefore I had two mouths to feed. I used to earn 400 bob a day and when I was lucky enough to work on koroga they would pay us 700bob. Every evening when I got home, The first thing I would do is give my lady what I got paid remaining with 50bob. You know women have lots of needs and you don’t expect her to ask you for money every time she needs new panties, right?

When she was due, I took her to my parents’ home in Murang’a. Guess what, she delivered two boys! Being a father changes everything. I now had four mouths to feed. I had to start thinking about the future my precious boys. I needed to plan for their education as they were growing up fast. I knew kazi ya mjengo wouldn’t enable me make enough to give them the life I envisioned for them.

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Disillusioned, I talked to my wife about it. I can never forget what my wife did for me. She went to the bank, withdrew Ksh75,000. SEVENTY FIVE SHILLINGS IN CASH! Apparently, she had been saving the little cash I used to give her every evening for two years. She gave me the money and asked me to buy a motorbike in order to start a boda boda business. Ever since that day I respected that woman. I knew she was the best woman for me.

Mark, where do you get such a woman today when all your age mates care about is partying and taking selfies?

Anyway, that one action changed my life for the better. As you see this motorbike here, its been able to fend for my family and bought me two plots. I bought the first plot in Juja for Ksh. 375,000 and the other one I just finished paying for at Ksh. 150,000 .Now, I’m planning to buy another bike then start building a house for my family.

It was great talking to you Mark, I now have to go back to work. I pray you also get a great woman like I did.

This is the life story of a 28 year old boda boda guy who just delivered a package to my house. Most times we think successful people are only those you see on covers of Forbes and TV but there are also heroes walking among us doing jobs you and I might look down upon. Spare some time and talk to your house help, mama mboga or guard. They probably have inspiring tales of how they surmounted major life hurdles.

Friends, where do I also get myself such a good woman?

Kindly, share widely to inspire someone.

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  1. Wow!!! What an inspiration and challenge.. I thought most bodaboda drivers aref orm four leavers honestly! this is really encouraging to me that no matter whatever the circumstance after campus, with the only avialable resources to me, i can make it big in life just as #Mark made it

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