How Morality Is Upheld In Mount Kenya University


Have you ever asked yourself how morality is upheld in the University Quite a number of people assume that by the fact that there is a lot of freedom to university students; morality is no longer taken into consideration. Indeed there are civil laws that govern the citizens but then, moral laws play a vital role in upholding moral behaviour in the society. The discussion below excavates the truth behind freedom in the campus.

Campus is an educational institution like any other, but there are a lot of activities that take place in these institutions. Some are morally upright while others are not. In simple terms, I can define campus as a factory that makes prosperous and useful men and women out of boys and girls. The fact that University is a school for persons above 18 years, freedom is exercised to the maximum. Though some students are parents, statistics show that above average are teens; therefore, it goes without saying that teens overrule the population.

Personally, when I first joined Mount Kenya University, Nakuru Campus, It did not meet my expectations due to the waydivas and dudes behaving. The Student Centre was full of teens who came from different backgrounds. Actually it took me some time to catch up by the fact that I was fresh from high school where tight rules and regulations were followed to the letter. That is not to mean that there were no rules in university but they were too loose unlike high school.

A friend of mine who was then a third year took me to a meeting which I came to later realize that it was the Mount Kenya University Seventh Day Adventist (MKUSDA). This is where I toed the track. This Union with others; Mount Kenya University Christian Union (MKUCU) and Mount Kenya University Young Catholics Union (MKUYCU) play a very vital role in upholding morals in the Campus.

The programs that the Unions offer are extremely good to in matters morality. They comprise of mainly students body and a patron who is a lecturer. If you happen to be in meetings of such unions, you will not easily tell whether the members are students of the same campus. Meetings are orderly and things are done in unity. I interviewed Mr. Bernard Yegon, the MKUCU chairman and he had this to say,

“We came to understand the blessing we have from the Lord and initiated this to change the moral behaviour of students and make this campus a God fearing one.”

These unions have Good Morning prayer meetings, lunch hour prayers and evening fellowships. They are meant to motivate, encourage and spiritually guide the students in the campus. Mr. Titolas Mutai, the chair of MKUSDA said,

“A prayerful family is a powerful family. Therefore, this campus is our family and we should ensure that our strength is upheld. To achieve this, we ought to conduct these religious meetings and ensure total transformation of students for the betterment of MKU, Nakuru Campus.”

Apart from religious unions, there is another union called Brotherhood Check Union. This Union ensures the welfare of colleagues. When one is bereaved, the union attends to the person to console, encourage and motivate them. This Union plans for motivational talks and encouragement forums among the students.

In a tying knot, the morality in the University is upheld irrespective of prevailing circumstances. The religious unions and other disciplines play a role in moral behavior of MKU Nakuru Campus.



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