How Sportpesa has Become an Income Generating Venture for Campus Students

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Sportpesa has become one of the fastest growing betting sites in the whole of East African Region. Since it was founded, sportpesa has attracted millions of customers from the entire East Africa Region with most of its customers being youths especially university students.

To students, Sportpesa has become part of their curriculum with the probability of students logging into their Sportpesa accounts being 0.8 against students going into the library which only takes 0.2. You will find students an hour after an hour busy with their phones commited to their Sportpesa accounts placing their bets on the various football matches for the day.

Though ironical, students are more commited to their Sportpesa accounts than how they are commited to their main aim at the university which is studies. This is true and any student can admit that Sportpesa is now the trending topic in most of comrades minds in the various institutions with Kaimosi Friends University College not excluded. Common sense will tell you that placing a bet is only risking your cash as the probability of you winning the bet is only 0.5.

Sportpesa ‘s homepage showing the games up for bets in a certain day. It gives an option of placing a mega bet called Jackpot.

Funny enough, is how comrades can afford to cut their expenses at the MCU just to remain with some cash for betting at Sportpesa. To a citizen outside the university premises Sportpesa is merely a betting site but to some students here its something totaly different. Its their daily source of income, their daily bread. This is how sportpesa feeds some students.

A group of ten students have decided to relieve their parents of the burden to provide maintenance cash to them. This group consists of students who have knowledge in football and are able to analyze and predict well the results of a full time football match. In most occasions,  their predictions are always right.

To the students Sportpesa has become a profit-earning business with no much capital put into it.

Those who take Sportpesa as a betting site should know its an income generating site for some students.




  1. am also are good predictor…………………………..,……………..,……………………….
    I have a 12 m to sportpesa….


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