How Students at Egerton University Suffer in the ‘Kitchennet’

Students cooking within the Kitchennet in Ruwenzori- Maringo area at Egerton university

Egerton university is one of the most popular universities in Kenya that hosts many of their students within the campus. However, it happens at Egerton university main campus, it is a rule that no student should be found cooking inside the hostel and if one is caught cooking, he or she is expected to clear from the hostel within 24 hours. Due to this,there is a site setup mainly for cooking purposes, that is the ‘kitchennet’.

However, the ratio of the ‘kitchennet’ to students is not favorable. One ‘kitchennet’ serves alot of students at a go. This has been a very big problem to all the students living within the campus,sometimes in the evening one can wait for 3 hours before preparing the supper. This one of the main issues that makes some students to opt living in the diaspora even if there are rooms available for booking within the campus.

Students cooking within the Kitchennet in Ruwenzori- Maringo area at Egerton university

Many students residing within the campus does not prepare lunch because of alot of congestion in the kitchennet.The worst part of life in campus is when there is no electricity within the institution for the whole day and comrades depends fully on the services offered at kitchennet. However,the residents usually decide to be calm and cope with the situations.

One funny thing is that the kitchennet is always operating. At no time will you get a coil which is off. Sometimes a student comes at 1 a.m from watching an English premier league match only to be informed to wait for four other people to cook.This one is the most demoralizing moments in campus. One may end up sleeping without taking supper. Imagine walking for almost 300 meters to go and cook only to wait for 3 hours and a CAT is on the table.




  1. Its A Big Pitty For Such An Ordeal To Students In Such A Big And Arguably A World Class University.Is This The Advancement To Humanity?Fucking Bullshit.

  2. I recently ceased from going to the kitchenette. is the varsity really incapable of setting up more kitchenettes or is the’ waiting’ meant to instill patience?

  3. break the rules all of you and cook in your rooms I bet they will get more accommodative kitchenette…BT sorry ave just remembered that UA students leaders are powerless puppets accepting threats from the administration….poleni

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