How to Appeal and Receive Maximum HELB Loan

HELB Loan, Higher Education Loans Board

Students who apply for HELB Loan for the first time and get rejected can apply for appeal by following the procedure provided below. You can also apply for an appeal to have your loan disbursement increased.

HELB Loan appeal is in simple terms reapplying for helb after being rejected during first time application, subsequent or want your loan reward to be increased.

How to Appeal

Follow the procedure below;

  1. Visit: helb Portal
  2. Login to the student portal
  3. Go to the Loan appeal tab
  4. Fill and Download the HELB Loan appeal form
  5. Print the form and append your signature
  6. Drop the form at Anniversary towers or any Huduma Center near You

HELB Loan Rejections Reasons

Some of the Likely reason for Loan Rejections include;

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