How to Apply for the 150 Job Vacancies Announced in KDF

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The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has announced massive public recruitment for over 150 jobs beginning today Monday, February 8.

The armed forces are looking for General Service Officers (GSO) Cadets, GSO Cadets (undergraduate degree holders), specialist officers, general duty recruits, tradesmen/women, and Defence Forces Constables.

For GSO Cadets, KDF wants an architect, business manager, caterer, education officer, engineers, financial manager, geologist, fire officer, journalist, librarian, meteorologist, nutritionist, oceanographer, flight safety officer, air traffic control officer, counsellor, disaster management officer, environmental management officer, sports manager, stores management and procurement officer, provost officer, among others.


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For specialist officers, there are 38 listed jobs for grabs while for tradesmen/women as many as 76 jobs will be filled.

Among specialists needed at the KDF are nurses, medical officers, cybersecurity experts, web designers, database administrators, software developers, dentist, mechanical engineer, music instructor, speech therapist, a lawyer and many others.

For artisans, who are required to have certificates, KDF wants a carpenter, cook, electrical technician, fitter, mason, tailor and vehicle mechanic.

To qualify one must be a Kenyan citizen, have a valid Identification Card, KRA Pin Certificate, be at least 18 years and not above 26 years for GSO Cadets, general duty recruits and tradesmen.


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Those seeking specialist officer positions must not be above 30 years while chaplains can be as old as 39.

Academically, GSO Cadets and specialist officers must have scored a minimum grade of B (Plain) in KCSE exams with C+ in English, Mathematics and one Science subject.


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Those seeking GSO Cadets and specialist officer jobs should send their applications to the address listed in the local dailies.

Dates and locations of recruitment have also been listed in the advert.



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