How to be Among 10% of People Winning Bets Daily

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According to available statistics, 90% of those who gamble, do not place winning bets daily. They therefore lose their money most of the time they place bets. Only the remaining 10% have been able to make betting their source of livelihood. They have managed to earn a stable income by pocketing the money of the 90% who lose on a daily basis.

Learn How to Join the 10% who Enjoy Winning Bets Daily

The first thing you have to learn in coming up with winning bets daily is how to not lose, and to at least break even, when you start betting on sporting events.

There is no magic pill in this. Only a few some basic rules that should be followed to help minimize risks when betting.

  1. Accept that the money you use to bet is already lost/gone. This is the reason why you must only place what you are willing you lose as stake.
  2. Do not chase after loses. Doing such will only lead to much more worrying trend and you might end up bankrupt. Betting is like a drug that you can only take a pill a day or a week.
  3. Don’t be tempted to stake everything. Yes! Remember that you can only use 10% of your income to entertain yourself and gambling is part of entertainment. It is not an economic activity. If, say, your salary is 30,000 shillings, only 3,000 shillings can be used for entertainment purposes. Out of the 3,000 shillings, you can only stake 20% of it at a go.

Placing Winning Bets Daily

So, here are the tips on how to start placing winning bets daily on sports events.

You must be aware that betting sites do the activity as a job and therefore take it seriously. They invest heavily and prepare well to beat your analyses and ensure that you lose your money when you place it on a certain team.

Therefore, you must also up your game and ensure that betting is not only a form of entertainment but also a source of income and a side hustle for you. and your family.

To do the above, you’ll need to work hand in hand with an analytical and research team with a great insight in games and predictions. The team must be having proven strategies of their own to help you win atleast some money each day.

Need Such a Team? Join any of the Below

Well, the services here are paid for. It is therefore an investment for you. But all you need is to win on a daily basis and an investment should be able to give you return in the shortest time possible.

The plans below gives you a chance to win on a daily basis. It all depends on the amount you need; 1,500 shillings a day?, 2,000 shillings a day? and 40,000 shillings a month?

  1. Acquire Daily Betting Slip and Place in any Site Each Day. This costs 250 shillings and gives you access to 15 odds each day. This is a slip whose win is guaranteed because it has well analysed games not more than 5 each day. Weekly plan costs 1000 shillings.
  2. Subscribe to the Account Management Plan which entails carrying out betting activities in your account for a week or a month. This makes you 1,500 shillings each day as profit and costs 2,000 shillings a week and 6,000 shillings a month. Under this plan, you’ll only be withdrawing your profit daily. All the other activities will be done by a professional assigned to manage your betting account. Aside from the costs above, you’ll also need to deposit 1,000 shillings into your betting wallet before the start of the management process.
  3. Subscribe to the Rollover Plan which only provides 4 odds daily. This do not lose whatsoever and applies a Bankroll system of betting. It costs 2,500 shillings a week and earns you 2,000 shillings as profit each day.

How can You Pay and Subscribe?

  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Click on Lipa Na MPESA
  3. Select Buy Goods and Services
  4. Enter Till: 5266471
  5. Key in Amount as per the plan above: 250 or 1000 or 2000 or 2500 or 6000
  6. Enter Pin and send

You can also pay by sending the money directly via MPESA to 0792862269 or Airtel Money to 0781864581.

Reach out via sms or calls to 0758271865 in case of anything.



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