How to be Broke Before the Semester Ends

How to be Broke Before the Semester Ends

Freedom in campus is real. This has lead into improper consumption of the money students are given for upkeep. When their parents or guardians deny themselves whatever little they have, back in campus, the cash faces the extravagant lifestyles we live. Here are five reasons why the money disappears even before you even know it

Impulse spending

This is natural, and it’s difficult to avoid. When you go shopping for clothes, suddenly you see some nice shoes somewhere that you did not even plan to buy. It is more evident in the supermarket, especially in the food and snack section. The toiletries you went to buy suddenly becomes accompanied by foodstuffs.

Peer Pleasure

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Yes! At that advanced age, our peers still influence us negatively. See you friend with the latest phone in the market and you will surely want it. Ladies are the most affected lot. Your buddy puts on a cute, little dress and you want it, not taking into account the little cash you have. There is a lot to say about this.

Unnecessary Fun Activities

From birthday bashes to weekend club nights. Guys are the culprits. Your girlfriend has a birthday, and you insist on throwing an unnecessarily big party for her. It’s not bad treating your better half. But at least plan with the little cash you have. On weekends, how many cans of alcohol do you buy? On average, it will cost 2000 shillings. Drunkards are fond of buying drinks for their friends.

Unplanned Travels

Travelling is adventurous. But excess travelling can eat into your pocket money. You’re from Maseno going to Nairobi just to meet a friend, or going for a conference in which no refund is guaranteed. You take a motorbike or cub for a walking distance, you go home every weekend and get no refund from your parents. Oops! That’s pretty expensive.


Mostly men are culprits with a number of ladies joining in of late. Gambling or better known as betting for everything has become a disease rather than a habit. The newest thing in market is sports betting, especially soccer. On platforms such as elitebet, sportspesa, betin, among many others.

Some have gone as far as using the whole pocket money and school fees to bet for a team, and eventually loose. Although some usually win the bet, others become the guinea pigs. Betting while playing cards has also risen in the recent past. Winning is not guarantee. Note, The House (betting company) Always Wins! Meaning you can never win more than them!

Always remember, to plan for you money to avoid bad spending habits & going broke before semester ends. Share with us what other ways you think students go broke on the comments section below.




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