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Before anything, dont fall into the trap of Fixed Bet crusaders. Do you know what it takes to fix a match? Here is a clear picture..

Lets say you want a game to end with a score of 3-1 to the advantage of the away team. You will have to pay all the players, the coaches plus the technical team. Youll also settle the third match officials, the referee and probably a single lethal striker’s agent.

It is easy to conclude that youll part with millions in order to have the said results but again youll not be guaranteed of a win; natural factors might set in and you may end up with a huge loss. Many people have parted ways with more than 40,000 shillings on 100 odds of fixed HTFT matçhes.

They were dealing with a guy who actually claimed that he was dealing directly with Russian match fixing black company and they have a huge beneficial record sellable at any place in the world. They got the first batch and placed it with 15000 shillings, would they have won, they would be 1.5 million shillings rich at the end of the day. It failed and they went back, the guy chatting with them via mail convinced them that something went wrong and the source was looking into it. He told them that already theyve been promised another slip of 2 games worth 230 odds, they felt convinced and paid another 20000 shillings. They placed it with 5000 shillings and your guess is as good as mine, it sunk. They were left poor and only depending on handouts to survive.

Still if you feel like fixed betting is all you need then you can cintinue trying your luck. I pray that you dont lose millions in the process and probably get one that goes through.

A proper way of earning millions from betting is by being displined and following your rollover plan strictly. We assure you, within six months you shall have bought that house or owned that car you envy. At Sahihi Bet, we have a perfect rollover plan for all our weekly and monthly subscribers. To benefit and win with us, pay a subscrîption fee of 1000 or 3500 shillings via MPESA to 0792862269.

To join our telegram channel, kindly search SahihiBetOfficial. Only subscribers are added in the profit making section; daily @250, weekly @1000 and monthly @3500.

You can also reach us via 0758271865. Kindly note that we champion for responsible betting activities. Only place an amount you can afford to lose. Like our Page Sahihi Bet on Facebook.



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