How to Bet Profitably on America’s MLS


Major League Soccer, otherwise known as MLS has made some good money in betting. The league has teams which are easy to follow and making money from them is not as difficult as it is in others across the world.

Top players are also in MLS. Some including Victor Wanyama have played in top leagues in the world. Who doesn’t know Louis Nani who was formerly playing for Manchester United? Yes, there are those who can give you the money you need in MLS.

Here is what you need to do to go into betting in MLS and reap big each day of play.

The cornerstone of any sound bet is the investment of time into study of all the factors that can shape the outcome.

And there are numerous resources to consult when it comes to building your own MLS form guide.

Websites such as Sahihi Bet with comprehensive MLS coverage are hard to ignore.

The official website of the MLS is also a great go-to source for up-to-date stats and analysis. It includes free highlights of each match, as well as a paid subscription services that allows you to watch matches live.

MLS Specifics

The league is currently comprised of 20 teams, which are split into two conferences, East and West.

The regular season is then followed by the 12-team MLS playoffs, and ends with the MLS Cup championship final – a one-off game that decides the overall champion.

From a betting perspective, this can leave room for a lot more value in the overall winner’s market, as a team simply has to claim a top-six finish in their conference to feature at the tail end of the season.

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The top finishers remain the most fancied teams in the playoffs, but as is the nature of a knockout format, anything can happen on a given day.

Teams that were at long odds at the beginning of the season have been known to go all the way in the MLS.

Another factor to be wary of when betting on MLS is that the league generally runs from March to October, leading to scheduling conflicts with the FIFA calendar.

What this means is that several players from MLS teams depart mid-season to take part in international tournaments for their countries.

These are generally top-line players and their absence from the squad can have a major bearing on match results.

Therefore, anyone betting on MLS needs to keep a close watch on squad changes leading into each game as weakened teams plenty of opportunities in the market.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is no relegation from MLS for teams who finish at the bottom of their respective conferences.

Unlike in England, where teams facing relegation will often enjoy a spike in form as they battle to survive, thus giving bettors some enticing value to consider, MLS sides out of playoff contention often fade away as the season reaches an end, and are often compared to playing at a level of league one or league two teams.

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In this case, bettors and tipsters should be ready to make wagers against these sides if the odds provide value.

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