How to Choose the Right of Dressing for a Date


Comrades are not learners in accepting and giving dates but majority of them make mistakes when choosing dating outfit colour. You may be in good looking attire but colour soars everything. It is fundamental while choosing which colour to wear to be vey keen.

Colour will always matter during a date. It portrays oneself to others. Some colours may make us uncomfortable uncomfortable your apparel colour may ruin or improve your relationship with others.

Many fail during interviews because of their dress code. Your code might be the reason why he/she is not bothered to give you another date. Never let your attire deny you chances for the next date. My dress, my choice. Who told you? The colour may make it easy to make decision, draw someone’s attention, make one feel relaxed etc.

For the first date if you want to draw someone’s attention, red is the colour. It empowers and draws attention towards the wearer. It also loads one with self- confidence.

Blue, the most popular colour. It makes people feel peaceful and satisfied with what they have. It also boosts ones confidence and ambition as it tends to make one confortable.A person might trust you due to your blue dress or suit.

In our Kenyan flag white colour symbolizes peace. It paints an innocence image on ones outlook. It is also associated with simplicity and cleanliness.

For shy chicks black may make you feel confident enough and put off shyness in you. It gives one rocker-chick edge. You may choose to wear black shades. Black is associated with authority and respect. When going for an interview black suit may earn you the job or promotion if working.

It is more associated with nature and outdoor. A lady in green may express soothing or calmness. It makes one more relaxed.

Purple displays ones creativity and luxury too. Also sometimes it is associated with spirituality and intuition. Purple boosts one’s ability to think and make decision. If your relationship is surrounded by shackles of doom go purple.

Pink is a true favourite colour for many ladies. It is associated with romance; it is referred to as a sexy colour. It is a pretty colour for a date; you can choose it for your first date as it symbolizes that you are a romantic person ready for love and join the romantic world. But too much of pink is said to symbolize immorality and infidelity.

When feeling down wearing yellow attire can cheer you up. It is associated with intelligence, energy, creativity, inspiration and playfulness. But bright yellow tells others that you are stubborn and always ready to fight.


It draws attention and energy like red, it is also more soothing. It brings positive and energetic mood to the wearer.




  1. nyc one bt as for i normaly like ma chick wen she is in whte….mmmmh even blak sounds jst red not for me.

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