How to Dump your Lover without Causing much Havoc


Relationships are not all sunshine and rainbows.At the onset it is all fun and you feel like your new lover is a cut above the rest.
You are filled with bliss and you can not imagine things changing ever.Unfortunately,things do not always work out as expected. Read also  14-reasons-why-youre-stuck-in-that-relationship-number-7-will-shock-you
After sometime,you realise that circumstances have changed or that you are no longer compatible.In the due course,you find yourself stuck in a relationship that you are not sure was meant to last.

Rather than sticking it out in the relationship long after it is sell-by date,you decide to put an end to it.Once you have made this decision it is best to get it over with so that you can both move on.
Infact ,in a relationship one risks being dumped and dumping before you get ‘the one’ as most people call it ‘kissing many frogs before meeting your prince or princess charming’.
But there are some things that should be put into consideration once you have made up your mind to dump them.   The following helps to ensure that it has been done systematically and to prevent massive blow to the so called ‘frogs’.

1.Face-to-face ending of a relationship is the best type one can may be tempted to avoid this no one really relishes the idea of seeing a person they cared fall apart in front of them.It is therefore courteous to do this in exception of a circumstances such as where a partner has been learnt to be violent there before.

2.Do not and you should not forget to break up in the right timing.This means that u should not call it to end in such a times like birthdays,anniversaries,towards a job interview or even a few days before an exam or anything that may cause tension an pressure to the ‘frog’ to an extent of losing concentration.

3.Do not discuss your intentions with other people lest word gets to him or her.This may lead to the ‘frog’ turning your decision and dumping it into a pit even when it has seemed not to work for long.

4.Never break up in a private place unless you are sure that you are safe, the dumpee might become violent once you have made your intentions clear.

5.If you are leaving them for someone else,it is best to let him or her know upfront rather than them seeing you with someone else two days after the break up. It hurts them and may cause chaos.

6.Keep it short and to the point.Do not be a ‘break-up preacher’.Do not list all the things he or she did wrong in the relationship.

7.Make it clear that you are ending the relationship and do not give them false hope of a reconcilliation unless you are not sure of what you are doing.

8.The dumpee might react by being offensive and calling you names but never should you engage them no matter how much they hurt you.Take the high-road and walk away.
This will be a sign of maturity and dignity.




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