How to Find Profitable Football Prediction Sites for Betting

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You’ve been betting but finding yourself losing most of the time? Well, there are many in that category. Some have lost millions to betting companies mainly due to poor choices when making predictions. Some have also been losing due to their reliance on fake prediction sites with no so good experts. How then can you turn around your predicament? How will you settle on a better Football prediction site? Read below.

Making correct football predictions is hard for most people. It might be because of several reasons including just a mere lack of luck on your side. You must recognise that people have various levels of luck. Some also are much more better in betting and football analysis. Such are the people who have been earning hugely from betting and can be relied upon to make predictions.

The best prediction sites use the services of such punters to provide slips to their subscribers at a fee. Some pick the cheapest punters and professionals who only have low rates of winning but nonetheless, they still win in certain occasions. Such prediction sites charge low amounts for their subscriptions and can never be relied on for proper profits.

Prediction platform such as Sahihi Tips however, invests heavily in football, tennis, basketball and other sports betting professionals who have worked for major betting firms and therefore know the secret to beating the bookies. Such sites or platforms have long-term plans running to weeks and months and not just a day’s plan. They also can help you manage your account, bet with their strategies and make money for you on a daily basis once you’ve subscribed.

Sahihi Tips list people in their rollover plan and help them make up to 2,000 shillings profit each day. If this sounds great to you then you can subscribe to the rollover plan. Their experts also manage betting account on behalf of subscribers and make them a profit of up to 1,500 shillings each day. You can also join the group if interested via the below process.

How can you Join Sahihi Predictions?

All plans are paid for. You must therefore make payments for a specific plan before you can access their Betting tips services. The costs are as listed below.

  • Rollover Plan – Weekly at 2,500 shillings
  • Account Management Plan – Weekly at 2,000 shillings
  • Weekly 15 odds per day Plan at 1,000 shillings
  • Daily 15 odds at 250 shillings
  • Jackpot Combinations at 500 shillings per week.
How do I Pay?
  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Select Lipa Na Mpesa
  3. Click on Buy Goods and Services
  4. Enter Till Number: 5266471
  5. Key in amount corresponding to the plan you need ie 2,500 or 2,000 or 1,000 or 500 or 250.
  6. Enter MPESA and Send
  7. You can also send the amount directly via MPESA to 0792862269.
How do I receive the Services after Paying?

Once you have subscribed to a plan, Sahihi Tips’ team will either send you the slip via SMS or reach out to you via calls or sms from 0758271865.

In case of Account management plan, you will be needed to give access to your account in any of the preferred betting site.

Those on Rollover plan will also get access to a private Telegram channel with updates on an hourly basis.

However, you must also note that Prediction sites no matter how good they are isn’t in any way foolproof. In one or two occasions, you may lose. So you have to invest only what you can afford to lose.

Have a realistic expectation from the Prediction Site

Having a realistic expectation means lowering the standard expected a bit to reduce disappointment if it doesn’t work. These prediction sites make use of experts but there will also be some losses as depicted earlier.

Don’t go looking for Prediction Sites with fixed matches

Most people get into trouble by falling into the hands of fraudsters on the web because they are looking for fixed matches that are hard to come by. Basically, any website or platform claiming to sell fixed matches is run by a scammer looking for his next score.

A punter should look for prediction site with a good win rate and stick with them to make profits.

Start with Weekly subscriptions

Trying out their lowest but longer duration subscription and seeing how well it performs is also a good starting point. It will help in saving money and reducing the loss a punter might otherwise incur. A good bankroll management system such as the one provided by Sahihi Bet should also be in place to avoid blowing through the whole money before getting it right.

Follow the strict instructions of the Prediction site

Playing the games how they predict and not changing a thing is also good. This is because a single added game to the ticket given to you can lose and cause that ticket to not win.



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