How to Get all the Money You Lost in SportPesa and Betin

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People have termed betting as a way of developing false hope to dozens who believe that they can make money and invest easily but tell that to the birds when you meet more than a million people who have already been made financially stable through betting. The likes of Gordon Ogada and Samwel Abisai who wrecked in more than 200 million shillings within 24 hours will tell you that betting is also a form of work to many people.

Not only to young people but also the old and vulnerable; a 64 year old man got himself into the books of wealth when he attempted the Betway Jackpot and won 26 million shillings. He got his wife who had left him for close to ten years back and his family was intact. He was able to build his dream house and now has lots of investments across Kisumu City.

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It is a bit difficult to bet and win since the bookies have also strengthened their ability to eat up your money but all hope is not lost. Many have taken a break since the closure of Betin and SportPesa and the subsequent introduction of a 20% WITHHOLDING TAX ON ALL WINNINGS, but to those who know the pain of losing thousands and leaving it to drain in the gutter, there is no way they will go down without getting back what belongs to them; the money they lost to SportPesa and Betin must be gotten back through registering wins in the betting sites allowed to legally operate in Kenya.

It is also not easy to just place bets and win in sites such as Betway and Betika, one needs to up their game. This is purely done by a Tipstar company known as Sahihi Bet. The Tipstar company does all the work and even takes charge of your betting account and manages it on your behalf. You can be able to win back atleast 10,000 shillings of your cash back within a week if you try their plans out.

Sahihi Bet offers safe tips on a daily basis to all subscribers of their plans. The tips and slips offered via SMS can also be accessed on their Telegram Channel @SahihiBet. You can join the channel and learn on several ways of subscribing to their plans. In order to have your account manage by their professional team, see the plans below and subscribe.

The tips platform offers 3 plans that assures subscribers of daily wins. Namely; Daily plan offering 10 to 15 sure odds at a one-off price of 250 shillings.

Weekly plan running for 7 days with an assured winning rate of 5/7 days. Set at a fee of 1000 shillings, the plan also includes the weekend Jackpot and Grand Jackpot combinations.

The third plan; Monthly based comes at a cost of 3,500 shillings. It assures you of 15 odds each day, a weekly running bet of 50 odds, Jackpot predictions for two sites and an additional 5 odds additional slip each day.

One can also subscribe for a 3 month period at 9,000 shillings and 6 month period at 16,200 shillings. Immediately upon subscription to a plan, individuals are added to a Telegram channel.

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Here, winning slips are posted on a fixed time intervals of every 3 hours. They also get the slips via SMS each day and are advised on how much they should stake each day. Make your Payment via MPESA to 0792862269.

Rollover Plan

The Sahihi Bet rollover plan is a savings system of betting which ensures that you get a salary of 40,000 shillings each end month from your betting activities. From a Stake of 1000 shillings in day one, the experts move with you every day for 30 days to a profit of 40,000 shillings.

Under this plan, some get more than 100,000 shillings a month. The plan costs 4,000 shillings a month and 1,500 shillings a week.

Make your Payment via MPESA to 0792862269 and begin the journey to making 40,000 shillings each month.

Account Management

Both Gordon Ogada and Samwel Abisai who won SportPesa Mega Jackpot acknowledged to having used this strategy and ending up winning several multibets before landing the SportPesa Mega Jackpot.

Sahihi Bet experts will manage your betting account in any platform for a specific period of time and make for you the required profit for the period as per your recommendations.

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Interested in this?

Pay a fee of 2,000 shillings for a week, Deposit 1,000 shillings in your account on either Betika or any other, surrender your login details to Sahihi Bet and wait for 10000 shillings as profit at the end of the week.

Account Management for a month costs 6,000 shillings and gives a profit of 40,000 to 50,000 shillings.

Jackpot Plan

There are those who are not interested in betting daily. They only aim at winning millions presented weekly in Jackpots. BetLion offers a Goliath Jackpot which stands pretty at 350 million shillings followed by Betika’s Grand Jackpot at 100 million shillings.

Sahihi Bet offers 3 combinations for the Jackpots each week at a cost of 500 shillings for each site. It costs 1,500 shillings to get winning combinations for Jackpots in 4 betting sites in a week.

One can also order the Betika Daily Sababisha Jackpot which stands at 20 million by paying 500 shillings daily or 3,000 shillings monthly. Make Payment via MPESA to 0792862269.

You can also buy a one of running multibet slip of 100 odds winning percentage rate of 100% at 4,500 shillings.

Reach out to us via 0758271865 either through SMS, Calls or on Telegram.

Kindly note that all Payments are made via MPESA to 0792862269 and not any other.

Several of our readers have been conned by people who splash other forms of payment hence ending up not getting the service they pay for.


The above is non negotiable. You can join our general Telegram channel @SahihiBet for Free. Contact us via Telegram or sms/call 0758271865.



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