How to Learn Creativity

learning creativity
learning creativity

In the current competitive job market, despite the different courses we all learn/learnt in college or university, we all need to consider a lesson or two in business and research so as to stay above the edge of our competitors. The lessons will set us up for innovativeness and should be learnt as a matter of necessity, for it is what separates advancing individuals, institutions and nations from those that stagnate.

Achieving a degree or a college certificate is only the first step towards successful life ventures. One needs to be inventive and innovative to market their knowledge and talent. In spite of the fact that we doing law, medicine, education or whatever discipline, we need to learn skills of researching into this fields and on how to create new ideas and products from them.

Research beyond one’s classroom lessons/workplace is vital for skills development. It takes research to come up with new ideas and inventions, which are the engines of development. Value is created when we take the primary idea and grow it through further research, prototyping and collaboration. Being satisfied with passing exams, getting employed or having a stable job isn’t enough. We need to continually develop differentiating qualities through self-innovation and disruption. To be a champion in your discipline you need to be an innovator or inventor. For example, if you are a medical practitioner, you need to continuously research to come up with a new treatment formula rather than staying contented with the usual way of treatment delivery. And if you are an educator, you can come up with a new learning method for schools.

An individual, institution, organization or country that does not research, create and market inventions is preparing for stagnation. Creativity is learnt through practice, experimentation and collaboration. We all need to stand out and set ourselves up for success, we must aim beyond just the passing of examinations or getting employed. By constantly researching and making ourselves more marketable, we will always be a step ahead of our contemporaries.

 By one Prof Evans Baiya, former professor Northwest Nazarene University, US during a public lecture themed ‘Capitalizing on Research and Business Ideas‘ delivered last month to scholars and students in Kenyatta University. Prof Baiya is a PhD holder in Engineering and Technology development, has a Masters degree in business administration, certificate in business strategy and intellectual property from Harvard Business School. Currently, he’s the president of and chief strategist for Evastrategics Inc, founder of Evastrategics Innovation Brewery(EIB) and founder and president of Enlyt Media.



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