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A friend of mine recently asked me how people make money from AdFly, I did help him out on that and then decided to also write this article to help anyone out there who could also be interested in knowing how to go about it. Dedicated to anyone there wishing to make money from web addresses while a sleep!

 What is AdFly? Adfly is a URL(uniform resource locator – also known as a web address) shortener site that pays one for using it. When you shorten any link using adFly and someone clicks on it, they’ll be redirected to watch a full page advertisement for 5 seconds before they can navigate to the actual destination page. What AdFly actual does is that, it sells that 5seconds ad space to and generates revenue, its from this revenue that it shares a percentage of it with the publisher of the url.

How does one get their adverts on AdFly? Advertisers buy ad space on AdFly, which is cheap compared to other forms of online advertising. This way advertisers buy subcribers traffic towards their sites or online content that they wish to convey. Publishers then place this ads on their sites through shortened links by AdFly.

Whenever a user clicks on any of this shortened links by AdFly, the publisher of the link gets paid a a small amount. For example if you are to visit Magazinereel site homepage and you click on this shortened url – pointing to it, you will see a standard looking website with a AdFly banner on top of the page. This is called a Framed banner advertisement.

Strategic Advert
Strategic Advert
Stratech Advert
Stratech Advert
Strategic Advert
Strategic Advert

When you also click on this link – you will be redirected to a full page AdFly ad for 5 seconds with a SKIP AD arrow on the write, on clicking on that link, it directs you then to the destination page. This is known as the interstitial advertisement.

Therefore with this kind of ads model, one can make upto $2 for every 1000 clicks on their clicked links. This shortened links could be placed on any social media, such as: facebook, twitter; one’s own site, e-books/movie/video/songs download links …

If people like the content of your site or links, they may as well subscribe or become regular visitors, which means increased clicks in the long-term hence, greater return in terms on earning from AdFly!

To start earning from AdFly you can checkout their site for more information.

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  1. i tried the same with cash fly and once i got like $3, those ninjas deleted my account and never communicated why. trying to contact them was also effortless. will ad fly do the same?

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