How to Make Money while in Campus


Campus is the place where most people transform their lives and it makes an impact on how your future is going to be. Its the place where you can decide to live a normal life, get a normal job then die a normal death. Most students spend half of their campus time doing coursework and the better half is spend in making fun, hanging out with friends, watching movies, listening to music, traveling and partying. With enough time at your disposal, here are some ways that you can use to make money while in campus.

1. Online Jobs

This is the fastest growing source of income to campus students. What you need is just a smart phone, a laptop or a desktop with internet connection. If you don’t have one, borrow a friend or use the university’s or college’s ICT/computer resource centers. For internet, use the your institutions’ free wifi!

You can blog using wordpress or blogspot and with time you earn a living from it. It only requires creativity, hard work, patience & consistency (most important of them all).

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Vlogging is also an option; this is video blogging. You only require a YouTube account or a facebook account and start posting your videos and at the end of billing period you get paid.

Article writing, academic writing and technical/skill based jobs. This is currently the most popular in campus and most graduands continue writing after finishing campus as it really pays, i know of friends who’ve had to quit their jobs to concentrate on writing. For this you only need an online account (from the likes of kuhustle/upwork/freelancer, etc) and start bidding for jobs or you can work for someone with an account and you get paid as much as ksh 400 per page.

Others include survey taking, where you survey on a given topic and you are paid. Online marketing where you market products for a fee. Though, caution must be taken as with increased online working opportunities there is double increase in con men and women on social platforms on the prawl. Always remember, in every successful deal money always comes last! Be warned of guys requesting for payments before giving you a job.

2. Talents

Campus is a place to grow and nurture talents. Most of the sports personalities and celebrities started in campus. If you are talented in music, spoken word, dancing, acting, public speaking, any kind of sport and doing comedy among others, then this is best place to showcase, nature your talent and get more greener pastures. With talent you have to keep going however how hard the circumstances may be.

Determination, practice and consistency will lead you to success. If you are talented in ball games then you are lucky, as the campus provides allowances for both training and competitions. But seek to be a professional, pays more than the small sums starting from as little as $2 per day for public institutions.

3. Business

While in campus you can look for capital or even use part of HELB Loan (not advisable) and start a good business. Example of businesses that work well in campus are: printing from your school hostel – get a hostel with many occupants & easily accessible to a majority of the students, kinyozi, salon, mpesa shop, a retail shop, photography, videography, being a DJ/VDJ, fast food restaurant, gym and fitness center among others.

4. Part Time Employment

Since most of the time campus are free, one can decide to look for a part time job and negotiate with the management on how you will be working, you can work in restaurants and hotels till midnight, work on weekends and days that you are free. You can as well do marketing and sales as it will be more convenient with the high campus population.

5. Student-Work Program

Finally, you can also get work for your institution via what is called a student-work program. Here your institution assigns you to a department where you do minimal jobs (such as but not limited to filing, messengers, typing, etc) that are flexible & enable you to juggle class & work well.   The pay is mostly on monthly basis, though not much from as little as $20. This kinds of jobs are mostly reserved for needy students.

Note: Gambling is not a job & never will be! We strongly discourage gambling of any kind. Get a job, get a life! Never despise humble beginnings. It has the best lessons life can offer. Get quick rich schemes such as the just collapsed public-likes, lead to nowhere.

Have you got any other suggestions on how students can make money while in campus/college? Kindly share below on the comments sections, we’ll be glad to add them to the list & credit you as the source of it.

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