How to Prevent Yourself from Online Attacks ~ Hacking


With the recent online security breaches happening in the country, it is wise for one to take precaution. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Kenyan government websites have come under constant attacks from external hackers. Data only privy to the government agencies have been laid bare for all to see. Hacking is good, but it depends what kind. First i don’t support stealing of private data or breaching of online privacy illegally, also known as black-hat hacking. So let no one misquote me here later on.

Learning how to hack is a good skill to acquire if you are doing IT or Computer Science like i. Like all the white-hat hackers out there are also black-hats hackers at some point. For those that don’t know, the difference is that, white-hat hackers are considered the good guys, they test systems by hacking(wanna be one someday), black-hat are the criminals, they do it for their own benefit e.g steal, get information illegally. And there are those in middle, grey-hat, they hack for fun, sometimes for good and other times for their leisure.


For me, the people are the ones that make it easy for the hackers, even if you are told to be careful while being online. This are some of the ways we make it easy for hackers to breach our privacy;

  • Clicking link sites you ain’t familiar with, if you see an advert that’s flashy you click on it without so much as a thought of it.
  • Our emails, we get a lot of spam emails, and yet we go ahead, open them, read and reply. If you receive an email from a unknown individual kindly delete it. For your information, emails have been used along time as a hackers tool. If you don’t know the sender don’t open.
  • Sharing of personal information online is something to watch out for. There are those sites that ask you for information when registering or applying for an online job. It may be a good deal or a fake one. That’s up for you to judge. Personally i fake my emails most of the time. Note that all they are looking for is the @ sign, that’s all.

And for those who are learning hacking all the materials are on the web, yes but your morals ain’t! Think before you act, be good or be bad. Good Luck!

Kenya being a third world, hacking hasn’t been that a problem, but as we grow digitally there will be WIFI connections like in every mobile phone/computer/laptop. This will expose many to hacking, be prepared for such times and be careful how you share information online.

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