How to Tame Your Smartphone’s Airtime Usage.


HELB Money is here and probably the first thing that came into your mind is a SmartPhone.
So excited, you purchase your first “Bamba 100” Airtime to explore the Android World.

You get overwhelmed with Whatsapp, Instagram Temple-Run and Million of other Apps from the Play-Store.
Days pass by, you run out of HELB cash and return to your “bamba 10”.
You now even hesitate topping up your smartphone for fear of it draining out your airtime in seconds.

You keep on checking your balance hoping that the smartphone has not gotten so smart once again and drained it all. Hahaha! You are not alone comrade.

Here are some tips to minimize the airtime drainage:

1. Disable Data usage(Internet) if not in use:
This will not only save on your airtime, but also battery life.

2. Limit updates and cloud synchronization activities to Wi-Fi
apps updates will only be downloaded when using Wi-Fi but not with
mobile data plans/airtime.
Hey! I assume your campus has Wi-Fi. It’s your right. You paid for it. *wink*

3. Disable 3G and Background Data Usage:
Most applications such as DropBox, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger
continue to use up your data plan/Airtime even when not in use.
Limiting Background activities significantly reduce your data usage.
Though you won’t get Whatsapp notifications unless it’s in the
foreground.(Displaying on the screen)
To work around this, you can exclude Apps such as Whatsapp from being
blocked to Use Background Data.

4. Subscribe to Data plans:
It’s much cheaper to surf the net with data bundles than using your
Airtime directly.
For regular Net users, there are some good “Daily Bundles” options.
As for casual net users, there are some “Weekly Bundles” for you too.

5. Unsubscribe from Services you can do without.
I really don’t know how to explain this without sounding like I’m
Attacking your favorite services and subscriptions.
For that reason, I will just drop a list of possible services that
you might do way with. Keep the ones you really need though.
-Ring-Back-Tones(Skiza tunes),
-411 news and Horoscopes,
-Paid Sports updates,
-Premium SMS Dictionaries(Download an Offline Dictionary App instead).
-Daily SMS items when not needed. (Like on That Day when you have
lectures throughout the day).

In Summary, managing your sms and Data consumption behaviour will not
only save on your airtime but also time.
And with more resources and time, I don’t see why you shouldn’t become
more productive and excel academically.
Thank Me Later.
Byron Taaka.



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