How to Turn Betting to be a Profitable Investment for You

Betting and Prediction

Sports betting is now a part of our daily life in most of the world, even citizens of countries where betting is banned still find a way to bet daily. This is because they seem to find the activity worthwhile and thus engage in it regularly. This is not to say the task of betting is a walk in the park as like every business venture that wants to be successful, certain practices need to be developed and refined daily. Research, proper analysis, assistance from sources and a vast amount of knowledge on the game is also needed.

You can also be successful like many professional bettors around the world with the right mindset and proper guidelines before you start. It is a journey where you have to learn and unlearn as you go along and make the necessary changes to make sure you don’t start losing money. You can read below some of the best betting practices many punters utilised to make money consistently.

Look For Bookies With The Best Odds Offer

Before you start betting at any bookmakers say SportPesa, Betika, Odibets, Mozzartbet or sticking with one or more of them, it is very important to compare the odds offer of as many of the bookmakers you can locate as possible. This helps you whenever you bet to make the most money from your bet as possible at any given time. The odds type given differs from bookie to bookie and it will be a great disservice to your bet slip.

The Favourite Is Not A Guaranteed Win

Many fall into the trap of betting on the favourite of most betting events and that’s a big mistake. For instance, we all saw what happened to Manchester United when they played Sheffield United at the Old Trafford, they were the favourites yet they were outwitted and beaten by two goals to one. Many people lost their bets and the bookies won big.

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Bookmakers profit from the upsets caused when outsiders shock favourites and that is something that will never stop happening because of outside factors that affect players of teams that are deemed favourites. So events that a punter wants to place a bet on should be based on proper research and data analysis.

Put your emotions in check

Emotions are very dangerous and should be avoided at all cost during the course of predicting matches. Also, a punter must learn to control his or her emotions during losses(which are bud to happen at one point or another) and keep doing what he or she has been doing. Try to regain the money you lose after placing a lost bet is the wrong thing to do as it means you end losing more.

Look For Value In Betting

Value bets are what professionals look for when they bet and that ends up making them earn more with each single bet slip. The thing to realise here is that this requires a lot of knowledge and time to familiarise yourself with the particular or league and that when you can spot discrepancies that can be described as value bets. These bets bring more money because the given odds for a particular prediction exceeds what you as a punter would normally expect for that match event.

Know That It Must Take Hard Work and Money to Invest

Finally, it must be realised that to be adequately competent and make as much as is possible. Whenever one bets, it takes a lot of work from the punter and time. Diligence, knowledge and emotional control are some of the other things that are needed to accomplish your goal here.

Some of the investments you will need to make apart from deciding on the amount of stake is two or three reliable and paid for tips platform that will be from time to time giving you correct picks and directing you on how to go about placing safe bets each day. Some of this platforms are really worth it but very expensive to those who are just starting out. But there are those ranked top but are relatively cheap as compared to others. One of such platforms you can rely on is Sahihi Bet.

Sahihi Bet gives out well picked slips each day to all their subscribers. They also give best Jackpot combinations for all Jackpot Markets in Kenya at a consolidated cost. Their subscribers join through plans such as the Weekly, Monthly, Account Management Plan or the Jackpot Plan. To receive a slip with up to 20 safe odds each day for a period of 7 days, Sahihi Bet will charge you 2,500 shillings. A month of such a service will cost you 9,000 shillings and you will be assured of getting a minimum of 25 wins in a span of 30 days.

Their combos aim and reach the Bonus Marks each time hence giving subscribers profit every end of week. The Plan costs 750 shillings for Jackpot combo for a specific site say SportPesa and 2000 shillings for all platforms at ago.

This therefore tells you that those who make money from betting and are serious enough have invested so much that the bookies can never fool them. They make money and are heavy investors when it comes to development matters. Some are running top companies established from scratch with huge money earned through betting. You don’t have to go with Sahihi Bet but you definitely need a tips platform to help you out if you want to gain this year.

Interested in Subscribing to Sahihi Bet? Here is how to Make Payments

  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Lipa Na MPESA
  3. Buy Goods and Services
  4. Enter Till: 5266471
  5. Enter Amount as per the Plan you need: 9,000 or 2,500 or 2,000 or 750
  6. MPESA pin and send

You will receive a notification of your subscription via SMS and will also immediately receive either a consolidated combo for all Jackpots or the daily slip. Speak and enquire on plans with Sahihi Bet via SMS or calls to 0758271865.



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