How to Win Sh232 Million SportPesa Mega Jackpot this Weekend

SportPesa Mega Jackpot

It has been several days making up two weeks since we talked of winning the SportPesa Mega Jackpot worth more than 200 million shillings. This week it is set at 232,813,183 shillings. Nine digits that can change your life and that of your whole village lads written in a single row.

We must tell you that we asked for this for the last two weeks but the response from SportPesa has been that the games available can be easily won so they had to hold on. But finally, they are here with such a huge figure, 5 million on top of the 228 million that none won last week but two.

Fortunately, their delay gave us enough time to analyze individual games that we thought could be featured and to our surprise we have ten games that we had anticipated would appear and that we already have a strong indication on which one will win. This means that this week, we are only looking to score six correct from the remaining seven so as to rake in close to 100 million shillings as bonus payout but again, our three powerful combinations for the Mega Jackpot this week might make our subscribers very rich. Yes! We are targeting the 232 million shillings with one of the combinations. If you can get a hold of them as soon as now, the better.

Here is how we are going to narrow down to winning this week’s SportPesa Mega Jackpot and Betika Grand Jackpot. Our unique strategy is at play once again, we have mastered the art of odds generation by betting sites for the Jackpot and the Mega Jackpot. We know how the odds manipulation device works in the favor of the betting sites and we have answered each question in every game that has been featured in this week’s SportPesa Mega Jackpot and Betika’s Grand Jackpot. The three powerful combinations full of our winning strategy is already, packaged and ready to be dispatched to our subscribers all over East Africa.

To subscribe to the Grand Jackpot and Mega Jackpot plan, you’ll need 750 shillings payable via MPESA to 0792862269 or via Buy Goods Till: 5266471. You can also benefit from the combinations by subscribing to the High level 3 odds per day plan at 9,000 shillings a month. This plan has never lost a bet and has made risk taker subscribers millionaires within a month.

Apart from the Grand Jackpot and the Mega Jackpot going for 750 shillings, you can also opt for a daily plan at 400 shillings, weekly plan at 2,500 shillings and monthly plan at 9,000 shillings. All the payment is made via MPESA to 0792862269 or Buy Goods and Services Till: 5266471.

All communications are made via 0758271865. You can also hit us up on Telegram via the above phone number. We also have the VIP 5 Odds daily and VVIP 2 Odds daily channels that you could join on Telegram.



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