HT/FT Tips to Earn You Money for Eid al-Fitr Holiday


Be it as it may, you must have seen and noted that our analysis hit outside of our predictions and if they do, they there must have been an uncontrollable factor that was involved say a card that shifted the direction of play was shown to a player by the referee. Eid al-Fitr is here and so we found it necessary to add something on your table when you will be celebrating. How about teaching you how to fish alongside giving some little fried fish to help you feel the taste.

Today, it is important to affirm that we only find joy when you win every bet you place and milk these gaming companies dry. This is the case and it does not matter whether you acquire your tips with us or someone else’s. We only pray that you don’t fall victim to every company sprouting up and showing strange capabilities that can even fix matches and give you the exact outcome which embodies a huge number of odds for an awkwardly huge sum of money say 20,000 shillings.

One of our readers just called via our consultation number 0758271865 and narrated how he and a group of his friends fell victims to to plan hatched by a number of prediction sites that have been cropping up from every corner of the country. The group lost more than 60,000 shillings in two days each day buying a single fixed match of 30 odds at 20,000 shillings and placing 10,000 shillings on each bet slip.

This is the reason why we try to equip you with skills to help you understand the impossibilities in betting and try and do the analysis yourself when you have time. We have set up a deep analysis and research center which analyses every game placed on most betting sites both in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and across the East African boarders. Every game we analyse and every tip we give is regarded as 100% sure tip and we never doubt even the one with the highest odd.

We have three HT/FT well analysed tips which rate at 95% chance to win and sums up to 10 odds. You could either place them as singles or doubles and maximize the chances of recording a win. This tips as we usually note go for a price of 250 shillings and this amount is a service charge so it is paid before. We only give a service to our customers and we only urge them to pay for the service. Interested? Send 250 shillings to 0792862269. They are both overnight and tommorrow’s odds.

Here are today’s free bets;

1. Real Mallorca Vs Granada – Home win or Draw
2. Albacete Balompe Vs Malaga – Away win or Draw
3. Real Zaragoza vs Numancia – OV15 Goals

Remember, you only place what you can afford to lose, thats our rule of placing bets. Also, we dont sell fixed odds.

For consultations, kindly sms or call 0758271865. You can opt for our weekly subscription at 599 shillings or monthly at 2000 shillings.



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