Hurry! 3 Combinations for the SportPesa Mid-week Jackpot Worth 23 Million

SportPesa Midweek Jackpot

Both the Midweek Jackpot and the weekly Mega Jackpot has proved elusive to millions of people around East Africa who place at least 100 shillings on the ticket. Though loss has been the case, thousands of people have made it in life by scoring atleast a lucrative bonus from either the Midweek Jackpot or the Mega Jackpot. This is because the bookies mainly SportPesa gives individuals who score atleast 12 in MJP and 10 in JP a chance to earn a chunk from the substantial millions at stake.

Yesterday we shared how very few people manage to win huge sums of money on a daily basis and turn their miserable lives around in a second. We said that they created and have stuck to a certain strategy in the game of betting. They either go for smallest of benefits but regular or huge benefits which mostly depend on how one is able to think through the combinations; one such huge benefit to go for is the Jackpot.

Amidst our team of researchers and football pundits, we have people who have won and know the paths to always winning. And they say that one of the best ways to win a Jackpot is through reverse psychology mode of thinking. It has worked in quite a number of our combinations that have given the best scores in both Jackpot and Multibets that go for even a month. This week, we employed the same tactics and got three combinations that are hard to miss on the Jackpot bonus.

We wouldn’t have had it all closed up and would have loved if everyone would use our combination to win the JP but again good things only come to those who will; that is why we charge a token of 500 shillings payable via MPESA to access the three combinations. Remember, in as much as this is a competition pitting you against SportPesa, it is also a game which pits you against your friend who is also a gambler, the first to shoot the arrow and hit the bulls eye takes it all; if it happens that two arrows reach the bulls’ eye at the same time, then the price is shared between the two deadly shooters.

You will agree with me that no one wants 2 million people to win the same jackpot money worth 23 million shillings, If this happens, each will only get 10 shillings as part of the winnings which will be a huge loss considering that you placed 100 shillings on your combination. So, our pricing model goes with the quality of research we do and the ingenuity of the combinations we derive. The 500 shillings separates the chaff from cereals, it makes men out of boys and court ladies out of girls; it also shows the guts you have to win.

To get the three combinations, wait and win with us, send 500 shillings via MPESA to 0792862269. Ill give you the correct and winning choice to game number 13 in the Midweek Jackpot. You better hurry because its only hours to kick-off.

1. 21:30 14/06/19 ITALY U20 vs ECUADOR U20

2. 21:45 14/06/19 SLIGO ROVERS vs CORK CITY


4. 21:45 14/06/19 COBH RAMBLERS vs GALWAY UNITED

5. 12:00 15/06/19 YOKOHAMA vs TOKUSHIMA VORTIS


7. 13:00 15/06/19 OITA TRINITA vs NAGOYA GRAMPUS


9. 13:00 15/06/19 JUBILO IWATA vs GAMBA OSAKA

10. 16:00 15/06/19 IFK MARIEHAMN vs ILVES TAMPERE

11. 17:00 15/06/19 IK FREJ vs DALKURD FF

12. 19:00 15/06/19 HAUGESUND vs BRANN

13. 19:00 15/06/19 UKRAINE U20 vs SOUTH KOREA U20 – PICK 1



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