I am my Phone, and Whether you Like it or Not, So are you.


I see my perfect reflection when I take a glimpse at my phone. This gadget that has somehow managed to creep into my life, and every morning I wake up I can’t survive the day normally without it somewhere next to me. Of the three categories (gamer, music junkie or addicted to texting), without a doubt I’m that text addict. Bless the soul of the tech gurus who had sleepless nights coming up with apps that perfectly facilitate our kind!IMG_201507190_082736I know I’m not alone on this; that it so happens that the few individuals I text up until 3am in the morning and through the entire day, have a closer relation to me than friends who I interact with 90% of the day. They are constantly on my mind. The day that there will be no text from them will be one of those really boring days.

As I was thinking about how to write this, in a bus on my way home, a… I’ll just call him good looking and well groomed, young male boarded the bus and sat right beside me. I was TRYING not to pay attention to him, until he reached for his pocket and pulled out a feature phone, ‘mulika mwizi’ that is. An old beat one.

I swear he could read the disappointment on my face, because it went back into his pocket faster than it came out, and the rest of the bus ride was pretty awkward. In my mind I kept telling myself that maybe he had a better one in his other pocket. Or that his actual phone got stolen, and he is looking to replace it soon.  I could only imagine the impression I’d have gotten if he pulled out an Infinix smartphone!

Its not that the phone under my possession is way much better, but at least it remained in my pocket. I do plan to work on that soon though.

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It’s not a bad thing, and it’s also not entirely a good thing either; that I can tell who you are, what you are like, and possibly what you will be, by just looking at your phone. Call it being judgmental or rush or whatever! The fact remains that, that phone speaks shouts volumes about you, me, we.


uSell.com recently conducted a survey. The results revealed that about 1,000 business people perceive others based on the devices they bring into a business meeting. 60% of women and half the men surveyed admitted to judging someone based on their phone model and condition. 55% of respondents confessed that if an individual pulls out a damaged or old phone, it negatively affects their impression of him or her. 35% judge someone to be ‘poor’ if they use an older type of phone.

There you have it. Numbers don’t lie right!

Depending on your perspective, the relationship between personality and phone usage actually has the potential to be a cash cow. The creative minds have tapped into the ever changing industry and they decided to take up the idea of having phone covers. The thing is that these covers really paint a picture about the phone user. That is why someone somewhere has a gold platted I-phone cover, yet somebody else somewhere has that simple clear cover attached to the phone’s back.

The bad blood that android users have for the Iphone users is also a clear indicator that though phones have no mouths, they sure do speak a lot. Sometimes abit too much for matter. It’s all about a certain status, personality or class that these phone users have maintained; that the other happens not to be at per with.

CRACKED SCREENS are another big NO! But I honestly think you’d rather have a cracked screen on a fancy phone than have cracks running all over just a phone.

Whether or not your phone says something about you should no longer be an issue of contention. Take all the above information and add as much salt as you like, but, your phone does speak for you just like your choice of clothing and hairstyle communicates a lot about you.IMG_201507190_014121You agree with me, or you be to differ?

Feel free to voice your concerns below.



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