I HAVE A DREAM:”My Father’s Death Opened My Eyes To Real Life” Edwine Amisi Speaks

Edwine Amisi -Author, " I have a dream"

To the comfort of your Living room by a simple click on Your Phone,we have kept you abreast with the introduction to Edwine Amisi’s Book “I HAVE A DREAM” ,We have been able to understand the outlook of the Suba Born Leader, Getting to where he was born,the inspiration on writing and much importantly,his Journey in a nutshell. Today we go deep and flip more pages, we look at the first chapter of the book. We see the inspiration Amisi tapped from his late Father,we picture Life around him on his father’s demise.In his won words, the Memoir continues

“Life – they say – is not a bed of roses. There is a person born today with a silver spoon in his mouth. Others lack immediate access to the spoon, but can afford what they desire. For others still, life is so indomitable, we wonder if it won’t overcome us. Some things are easy to say. You can talk about your future, you can talk about your destiny and what you want to achieve in life – if you feel cozy and can eat what and when you want.  Nevertheless, what can you say when you’re a partial orphan under the care of a widow of eight who’s struggling to keep her children surviving? What can you say (or do) about the future when you’re not even certain of the present?

From people around me, I often hear this saying that frustrates me.

 “If it wasn’t for the poor state of Kenya and our corrupt political leaders, it would’ve been easier for me to succeed.” 

How many of us truly believe this saying? How many of us believe our failure and stagnancy is a result of a poor government and the economic state of our country? If you’re one of those people, I can assure you that you are on a sure-fire road to failure.

You may never succeed until you realize that your life is in your hands. Your success can never be determined by your present situation. Luckily, I had some time to thank my father for sharing with me qualities that made him so special for others – the ability to forgive, delicacy, honesty, devotion, kindness, patience, generosity, sensitivity as well as cheerfulness. Sometimes a couple of soothing words said by him could cheer me up even in the most unlucky days. With gentle hands, with calming words full of wisdom, with a lot of warm and loving hugs he mended my broken toys and taught me mathematics all over again. I thanked him also for giving me enough confidence to face the hardships of this crazy world with a smile. I must continue helping others to give a meaning to my life, and I will have less time to plunge into the abyss of despair.

A copy of Amisi’s Book “I HAVE A DREAM”

I have realized that it is easier to achieve success when you’re uncomfortable than when you’re comfortable. This is because comfort makes it difficult for you to progress. It makes you think of pleasure alone, and it make you forget about work.

I am happy I can tell you about this only because my story has turned around and changed for the better. That poor ‘me’, a gambler, a fisherman, a desperate quarry boy who barely had enough to eat, would never have thought of joining a premier university both in Central and Eastern Africa to train as an engineer let alone telling a story of how I rose from nowhere to become the President of the Students’ Union of Egerton University.

I lost my father at the tender age of ten. Being that my father was wealthy, it wasn’t until his death that I started seeing the other side of life. All of my father’s friends and family members who constantly visited and socialized with us when he was alive vanished as soon as he was gone. Some of our family friends even went as far as taking his properties after his death. Now I can say with certainty that I had never understood the suffering that arose from the unbearable loss of a cherished person.  For my part, it used to be pity, compassion.

In the year 2002, this happened to me. When my dear father died, I started to understand all those people who lost someone they loved. There are perhaps no proper words”

I HAVE A DREAM is a memoir by Edwine Amisi , Former Students president at Egerton University. Keep the tabs open on our socials @MagazineReel and @KoyoOdongo for real time updates on the book and other News as they break.



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