” I lost My Dream Of Becoming A Physician” Edwine Amisi Reveals His Struggle

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Great Men and Women under the sun had dreams ,some of those dream materialized,,some of them got assimilated ,some also were differed due to the environment the dreamers found themselves in. We must dream on despite the daily Life Challenges. Still on the Preface of Amisi’s Memoir “I HAVE A DREAM” ,we realize the struggle and the hustle that a dream comes with. We get below his skin and see what he wanted at an early age juxtaposing it with what he is doing at the moment. We see a lost dream,we see another dream rising, we see determination, we see a dream being molded,wee see character,passion ,humility and above all we see a dream picking up and rising to save generations.In his own Words, check out the second preface to Edwine Amisi’s Book “I HAVE A DREAM”

“It is only necessary to have courage, for strength without self-confidence is useless. I have often met with happiness after some imprudent step, which ought to have brought ruin upon me. Sometimes passing a vote of censure upon myself I would thank God for His mercy. Nevertheless, by way of compensation, dire misfortune has befallen me in consequence of actions prompted by the most cautious wisdom. This would humble me, yet conscious that I had acted rightly would easily derive comfort from that conviction.

A copy of Amisi’s Book “I HAVE A DREAM”

In spite of a good foundation of sound morals and the natural offspring of the Divine principles, which had been early rooted in my heart, I have been throughout my life the victim of my senses. I have found delight in living a poor life. Losing my dream of becoming a physician, I have constantly lived in the midst of error. I have had no consolation but the consciousness of my mistake. Therefore, dear reader I trust that, far from attaching to my history the character of a struggler, you will find in my Memoir the characteristic proper to a general inspiration and appreciation.

I have felt in my very blood ever since I was born, disgust towards the whole tribe of those who regard any person with contempt or scorn. This arises from the fact that I feel myself a blockhead whenever I am in their company. I am very far from placing them in the same class with those men whom we call stupid, for the latter are stupid only from deficient education and not rot in character. I have met with some of them—very honest fellows. Who with all their dumbness had a kind of intelligence and an upright good sense, which cannot be the characteristics of these fellows that despise others. They are like eyes veiled with the cataract, which, if the disease could be removed, would be very beautiful ”

Edwine Amisi Served as the student President at Egerton University, he is now on his final days at the University finishing up his degree course in Agricultural Engineering.He has developed a strong grasp of national politics with deep connections with the people.His desire to write a book was mainly influenced by the urge to open up to Young Kenyans who have lost hope,To share their struggle and urge them on. His book “I HAVE A DREAM” Is out Now and You can order it by mailing to koyocaleb@gmail.com or @edwineamisi@gmail.com

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