Immense Love in the Diary: Part 2

Love Diary

Very beautiful girls filled the whole place. They had dressed in a funny way as if trying to get my attention. In my mind was ringing “Wait kidogo, baba arudi nyumbani then tutajua maneno yako.”

The registration went on smoothly despite the challenges that were there. A room was allocated to me and father gave me money before getting into his car and driving home. I was now alone. I was now free. I walked around. The place was beautiful. So were the ladies in the place. They were all beautiful. I was now a fresher.

My first agenda was in my mind. To look for someone to release my yearning for love unto. I was shy and even shaking hands with ladies was a problem. Each and every time we walked with Matto my roommate I would feel embarrassed.

“Mazalo,salimia hoa madems.” Matto would tease me when we met some ladies next to the Junior Common Room. A beautiful lady came to me and gave me a hug. I felt as if there was some rain and sunshine at the same time in my heart. I hugged her and never wanted to let her off. She pushed me hard to free herself. I lost my balance and almost fell in a ditch behind me.

Before I would fall she was calling my name. Only to wake up to Matto’s voice waking me up so that we can go to Kilimo Hall and grab the seats in the first row as we wait for the first session of the orientation day two. That dream stirred some inner feeling in me. If that is the way one feel when he receives a hug then I better hurry to grab myself a fellow fresher.

The orientation session was a lively one. We were told of various tactics that could be used by the continuing students to “ponyoka na” fresher. That was the term that was used then. The speaker was also talking of various ways of having safe s3x. She told us about dispensers. I was curious to know how its contents look like and how to use them.

I had no much worry because I had a very well informed roommate, Matto who would teach me how to use them and how to seduce a girl with beauty. “Turn to a girl next to you and tell her that you will take care of her.” The speaker said. A laughter rose. The one who was next to me was a very beautiful girl but as beautiful as she was she looked scary to me.

Love Diary‘Take courage man, be yourself don’t try to be someone else be you.’ I would hear Matto’s words echoing in my mind as courage rose in me.

“I shall protect and take care of you.” I said as I pushed my arm for a shake. Gladly she never turned down my handshake.

“I will take care of you and protect you too.” She answered with a bewitching smile. She became my friend but to me the primary reason for the friendship was to lay a foundation and prepare her psychologically to fall in love with me.

“Hi, My name is Mazalo.” I said to the lady when the orientation session came to an end.

“Call me Coleen.” She answered as she packed her Egerton booklet.

“Pleasure. Miss, will I be sounding strange if I ask you to accompany me for lunch?” I asked her and looked at her straight in the face. She too looked at me with lazy eyes. I knew her heart had sheds of tenderness. In my mind was ringing, “As we shall be taking lunch, I will tell her to come into my box”



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