INTERVIEW: Meet the Reigning Mr CUEA,Kevin ‘KyMo’ Owiti


He is the man to beat at the Mr and Miss University 2015 beauty pageant going down at the KICC on the 31st of May from 8pm.Arguably a ladies man, Kevin ‘KyMo’ Owiti lets us in on his modelling journey, beliefs and expectations on the competitive title.On whether he will take the crown is a matter left to the judges.

The reigning Mr Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA) leaves no stones unturned.


MR:You have quite an online presence, must be the ladies.*chuckles* .So , Kevin Owiti and KyMo, how do we separate the two?

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KyMo:Well first and foremost, I’d like to thank you for giving me this glorious opportunity.Kevin Owiti is my name and basically who I am, though many people do refer to me as “KyMo” which happens to be an acronym of Kevin Your Main Option. Like telling all the ladies “Look no further, your search has come to an end” *chuckles* .The name has stuck to an extent where guys just know me as KyMo and don’t even know my real name. I am the reigning Mr. Catholic University ,taking Business Management. I love sprinting, basketball, kickboxing, lifting weights and watching anime.

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MR:Is this your first time on the runway or have you been there before?

KyMo:Not really. I have been on the runway a few times already but I can say that this is the period when I’m really starting to feel it. Back in the day I was just getting acquainted to it and learning how to catwalk. I can say that so far so good for me.

MR:Why modeling ?

KyMo:For a while now, I’ve really had a passion for modeling. I love the exposure it has to offer, the confidence it builds in an individual and also the attention. Just little bit of the attention though.

MR:What motivates you and do you have any role models?

KyMo:Successful people with self drive do it for me. I admire how one can think individually, stand firm by an idea ,go ahead and implement the idea and end up making a fortune out of it. Warren Buffet happened to turn a $10,000 loan to Billions of dollars. He is amongst the richest people in the world as we speak and I am looking forward to heading in his direction.

MR:So Mr University pageant, how did you enter the contest? Is this your first time?

KyMo: I was automatically nominated after I was crowned Mr.CUEA on the 24th of October 2014.The competition does give me chills. It is my first time contesting for this particular pageant and I can tell you for sure that I am ready to face whatever comes my way. May the best man win.

 MR:How has the experience been so far?

KyMo:Wonderful. Learning new moves each day from the talented choreographer, ABC. His work is 5 star quality and he is always ready to help when need arises. My fellow contestants also have given me a tip or two. I am really trying to put my best foot forward on this.

KyMo 2

MR:Why do you deserve the crown?

KyMo:I have really worked hard to have made it this far. I care about people, the needy and would like to do whatever it takes to cater for their needs because they need that person who will ALWAYS be there and I believe I am the one. I also want to bring the boy child back to life.I am a man of honor, trust me to keep my word.

MR:How can people vote for you?

KyMo:The voting system was shut down but you can follow me on my personal pages and I can fill you in on more things you’d like to know about me. @Kymo_baby on Instagram,“Ky Mo” on Facebook, you can also like my page “Kevin Owiti- Kymo” and @JustKYMO on Twitter .Yes, I do follow back


MR:Parting shot for your fans?

KyMo:Always be yourself, work hard in each and everything you do. Team Work always makes a dream work .Most importantly, PRAY. Do not forget to come watch me in action at KICC on 31st of May.Let us bring this crown home.




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