INTERVIEW: Mr Agric Egerton University Promises his Fans the Best

#MrMissAgricEgerton 2015 male contestant, beach category

With the end of the long-awaited Mr. and Miss Egerton Agriculture, Magazine Reel had a one on one chat with the Newly Crowned Mr. Egerton Agriculture.

Tracy: For the sake of our readers, what is your name?
Mr Agric: My name is Harrison Kibuthu

Tracy: Tell us something about yourself
Mr Agric: I am taking Bsc. in Soil Enviroment Land Use Management, born and raised in Nairobi and I have a passion in dancing

Tracy: What position did you vie for?
Mr Agric: I vied for Mr. Egerton Agriculture

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Tracy: What position?
Mr Agric: I won the contest.

Tracy: Did you expect to win?
Mr Agric: I wanted to win but I wasn’t sure I would. People were on top of their game.

Tracy: Which was the hardest look to pull off?
Mr Agric: Definately agriculture look. I went for a farmer tending his crops and i guess i made it,  thanks to my designer.

Tracy: How long did it take to pull together your outfits?
Mr Agric: It took me roughly two weeks to put together what I needed for the show.

Tracy: Have you ever modelled before?
Mr Agric: Nope, it was my first time

Tracy: Now that you have started so well do you plan to go professional?
Mr Agric: I thank God that I have won my first modelling competition but I cant really predict the future. If it goes well then yes I might go proffessional.

Tracy: Why did you choose to contest for this position?
Mr Agric: First it was because I am in the faculty of agriculture. Secondly, agriculture is a main economic earner in kenya. With agriculture we can go far. Third,  my friends encouraged me to participate.

Tracy: Who are the brains behind your looks?
Mr Agric: Dennis Maina is the reason I am here. He dedicated himself to ensuring that I had all that was needed and being hard on me when I lost focus.

Tracy: How was the event generally?
Mr Agric: The crowd was awesome,perfect environment. I thank the organisers Kevin and Angie for putting up the event and finally the sponsors Amiran.

Tracy: As the current superman, do you think you need to hit the gym to look the part?

Mr Agric: I think thats cliche`.  You dont need to be a body builder so that you can win, I won looking like this. I think its all about creativity as an expression of art.

Tracy: Finally, who would you like to thank?
Mr Agric: First of all, God is the reason for all of this. My designer and my dance crew ‘the hood’ .

Tracy: Any final words?
Mr Agric: Expect the best from the best.



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