INTERVIEW: Nigerian Beauty Taking Over Kenyan Beauty Scene,Meet Miss USIU 2014-Irene Jima Ajogbor


She came,she saw,she definitely conquered.She is the Nigerian beauty taking the Kenyan Modelling Industry by storm.Set to compete at Mr & Miss University 2015 on th 31st of May at KICC,Irene Jima Ajogbor is the lady to watch.She is the reigning Miss USIU-Africa and poses not only beauty but good brains.She gets candid about the pageant,her expectations and experience so far.



MR:Who is Irene Jima?

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I: I am the reigning Miss United States International University (USIU)-Africa. I  am proudly Nigerian. I was born April 21st, 1987 in Calabar, Cross River States. I am a child of a Pastor and a retired diplomat. I am the 3rd amongst 5 children.A 4th year student, majoring in International Business Administration (IBA), concentrating in Management. I am a committed, driven, proactive, energetic, charismatic lady who has a passion for fashion, love for God and children. I am family-oriented and love making people smile.I enjoy cooking, traveling, modeling, acting, dancing, hosting (MC) and planning events.

MR:Why modelling and and not any other career?

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I: I love modeling because I have a passion for fashion.It has built my confidence and enables me network with people from different walks of life. It has exposed me and opened  opportunities.

MR:Mr and Miss University, how did you learn about the pageant and enter it?

I: I learnt about the Mr & Miss University Kenya 2015 Pageant from my good friend, Mr Catholic University Kevin a.k.a Trey Songz during the Wedding Affair fashion show organized by Samantha Bridal at Sarit Center in February. We first met at this event and since then we have become great friends. He connected me then.

MR:Is this your first time in a beauty pageant and do you have previous experience?

I: No.I contested in the Miss AfroCan Pageant in Ottawa, Canada a few years back which honoured African ladies in Canada.I also contested at a beauty pageant when I was in high school in Nigeria.Before Mr & Miss University Kenya 2015, I contested at the Mr & Miss USIU-Africa 2014 pageant where I was crowned Miss USIU-Africa.


MR:What makes you think you are fit for the crown?

I: I can confidently say I am for for the crown because it is not just a title but a responsibility.Wherever I find myself ,I use my position for the greater good. I am a leader and know how to carry people along. Irrespective of the fact that I am a Nigerian, I strongly believe that I can make a difference.

MR:What are your goals as a model? Do you see yourself progressing in this field?

I: My goal as a model is to learn from experts in the field and to explore new territories. I also want to start my modeling agency someday. As well as start a toddlers and tiara pageant in Nigeria

MR:What is your opinion on plus size models, do you think they fit the bill?

I: Of course, I support the idea of plus Size modeling. We are all created different. Just because they are plus size doesn’t mean they should be excluded. These models represent women who are bold and beautiful. Indeed, it adds to the variety.

MR:Modelling aside, how do you unwind?

I: Apart from modeling, I unwind by spending quality time with my family and friend, contributing quota by organizing fundraising events, bowling, writing, shopping and the likes

MR: How would you define beauty?

I: Beauty is skin-deep. It is the aura you exude. It is how you carry and comport yourself. Beauty is confidence and never compromising your values and virtue. It is about standing for what is right. Beauty is being selfless and sacrificially. Beauty is putting the needs of others before yours. Beauty is how you dress and address people. Beauty is being hospitable and warm to others. Beauty is being tolerant, sensitive and respectful. It is giving your last dime towards a noble cause

N:Advice for upcoming beauty queens?

I:The moment you decide to be a beauty queen, educate yourself about all it encompasses as well as be aware that you will encounter a lot of huddles that are worth it. Secondly, believe in yourself. Always be ready to listen and willing to learn.Have mentors who have years of experience in the industry. Don’t always take things personally, it will enable you evolve.Take every advise as an avenue for growth. Always challenge yourself and never quit when you fail. Always carry people along, you can’t lead without having your support system and fan base. Be open to positive feedback and receptive to constructive criticism. Keep an open-minded and above all have love for God, yourself and humanity. Beauty pageantry is all about confidence, beauty with a purpose and making a difference in the lives of others and touching hearts through your warmth, smile and presence.

Motto: An act of kindness and true charity is achieved when we expect nothing in return. God who authored the vision, He will surely sponsor it.




  1. Good job hun you go girl
    Irene you are a truly the realest ,humblest, God fearing,loving person and the best friend a person can have you are an inspiration to so many the few years I got to know you here in Canada left an impacted on my life I got to learn what it means to have. A real friend who became my sister. Many of the things I learned from you have impacted to be the woman I I’m today and I want to say thank you. Never stop being you because it’s through the things you do for others, and the marks you leave on others will always inspires them. Never stop being the rare best friend,and never stop pushing forward. I’m very proud of and I know the best is yet to come with God on your side.

  2. Thank you so much my family, friends and viewers for the positive feedback and comments. I am highly and deeply honored and touched that I have left an indellible mark in your hearts and lives. I love you all. Keep it locked! See you on the 31st May, 2015.
    My sincere appreciation to Magazine Reel, Natalie and the editors. Thank you for covering my story and the interview. I consider this a great honor and privilege which I do not take for granted. Shout out to Kev Kymo and my crew…u know who u r! Mwah!!!

    Miss USIU-Africa
    Irene Jima Ajogbor

  3. Am fascinated of the great wisdom you have,your kindness and love for all has made people feel better especially the leadership retreat,congrats girl your going places IRENE

  4. Go girl, you are amazing and the entire USIU community is behind you. I have never seen a very humble and charismatic model like you. Team Irene all the way

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