Is Ohangla Queen Lady Maureen Dead? Here is the Latest on her

Lady Maureen

There are reports flying across Social Media platforms that the queen of Ohangla Lady Maureen has succumbed. The true picture of the matter is that the talented singer Maureen Achieng has been sick for quite a long period of time. She has been in and out of hospital with the latest being a few months ago.

A local news site Kahawa Tungu has reported that Lady Maureen has succumbed to Hypotension (very low blood pressure). Several times before, the musician has been ‘killed’ on Social Media only to come out and reiterate her being alive though sick.

The Kogalo Gor Mahia, Wangni Wabiro and Baba While You were Away songstress started ailing 4 years ago and has been on and off hospital. Two years ago, she was admitted at Kasarani’s St. Francis Hospital where she stayed for about a month. She had a bulging bill which was settled by close associates of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Lady Maureen was also reported sick last year and was admitted at a hospital in Migori. It took the intervention of Benga maestro Dola Kabarry’s wife Conney Kabarry to help settle the hospital bill and help her settle under a roof.

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The same happened months later when she was admitted in a Kisumu hospital. She had a huge bill which had to be settled by Akothee Madam Boss. The Akothee Safaris boss took it upon herself to help the Nyar Ng’ato band leader after noting that she had been abandoned by even close friends and politicians who enjoyed her support when she was healthy.

The Queen of Ohangla came out weeks ago through a friend Hon Dan Adongo to request for an Interview which was granted by Citizen TV immediately thereafter. She assured the country that she is okay and is currently living with her relative as she waits to regain her strength and get back on the musical stage.

Her death if true is a blow after the demise of Abenny Jachiga and Omondi Long’ Lilo, musicians from the Luo community. She introduced Abenny Jachiga to the game.

But other reports reaching our desk now indicate that the singer is alive and has been mistaken with Maureen Nyar Awendo, an Ohangla dancer who has succumbed.

In March, Canada based Lawyer Miguna Miguna and renowned Blogger Robert Alai blamed ODM leader Raila Odinga and a host of politicians including James Orengo for failing to help the ‘Jehova Iber’ hit-maker. She composed several songs for the politicians during the political seasons.



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