I walk into the library feeling very good about myself. The thought of having arrived this early makes me mmmmh! the early bird with the warm but do i say. I am not an early person either, but today i have decided to be the first at the library. I had to set my alarm earlier than usual and even wait for the librarian to open the door. all these acts of diligence surfaced from the previous day when i had to walk out of the library because there was no space (yawa!).

It is only a week and the main exams begin. Comrades have turned from the usual life of movie watching, partying, lazy talks, fights, unnecessary spending to a more quiet life of books books and books alone. Right now the vectors within the campus are library-student mess-lecture halls. I am not surprised at all. When the semester began i used to spend a life of solitude in the library, now i can’t!Well you how happy i am with all the company ( of course with the exception of when i miss a space in the library).

Technical University of Kenya library

I believe there is a very good relationship between a comrade having money and the possibility of being at the library. From experience, this means that at the beginning of the semester when our pockets are heavily loaded with HELB (which is gone by the end of the first two weeks), the probability of attending classes and being in the library is minimal, this is what i think, only two to four weeks in a whole semester is spent on serious studies, the rest are but days of leisure as one pleasures.

I am not against those going to the library at the last days of the semester, because not all who go to the library do academics. Others go for the free strong WIFI to download songs and movies, others occupy the spaces sleeping, others just watch others read (ha ha ha my friend is one) while others spend a whole day in the library reading the newspaper, others use the library as hunting grounds (if you know what i mean) and yet you won’t miss on the serious researchers who sit in a corner reading big big books doing a lot of research perhaps meant for those doing PHDs.





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