IT Courses ‘Useless’ to Maseno University Students

maseno university IT courses uon

Most of our students tend to view the IT subject as a course very close to dustbin. By this, it is considered useless in the sense that as people continuously miss the continuous assessment tests, classes or attend them without content and follow ups, they do not feel any danger or consider it a problem if not a disease. Some are satisfied beyond doubt that you can be cleared for graduation with its missing mark or failure to re-sit the failed papers.

Last year I happened to hold a discussion with one of the graduate (now a teacher by profession). He really felt so sorry and most of the time he was very cautious. Through his narration, he had been invited to a certain secondary school as a BOG teacher. The principal plus the BOG board members were very happy to select him among all the graduates from other universities.

downloadThey considered him as pain reliever if not the real pain killer or the cure itself. All along it had been their headache to obtain a teacher who could handle very well the computer students who were now in their fourth form. For the employers, the man was a multi-purpose as he was capable of handling his two teaching subjects alongside the computer syllabus and this time round he (the principal had to register the students online having possessed a golden teacher- the IT expert).

The only problem with the graduate of Maseno was that during his time in studies, he did not attend any class of IT for four years and he had no knowledge and idea of even organizing the practical sessions. What was he to do in order to solve the problem knowing very well that there was no other person to consult as he was the head of that department and the students he was going to handle had some little knowledge on the subject? How would he even arrange and organize the data base to allow online enrollment?

We need to show more concern and mind our IT course because it counts a lot in the field. Let us remind our lecturers and department heads to improve their service provisions to allow every student obtain knowledge on the subject and not the certificate branded with IT.

They need to reduce class length, improve on the exam provision and supervision, have standard marking of the examination papers and come out with proper and timely results.

The school administration should increase the number of computers to ensure there is limited overcrowding and lead the true foundation of excellence in concern to IT.




  1. I highly agree with you to some extent especially on the part of adding more computer and whats more, in order that it be the true fountain of excellence, they need to put up an IT lab and not rely on the packages lab for offering the IT courses . more ever the n computing devices that they are introducing are the most crappy of all and can not support the IT courses Its like they are now killing the course rather that uplifting it

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