It was all Fake News, No one Attended a Graduation in a Hearse in Kisii University

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What was your reaction when you read that a graduand collapsed when her family turned up to her graduation in a hearse?

Well, no such event happened at Kisii University as falsely reported.

Magazine Reel has established that the allegation, which has been widely circulated on social networking platforms, is false.The egregious false claim insinuated that a lady, Ephie Moraa, was hospitalised on Friday, December 20, after losing consciousness when her entire village turned up at her convocation in a hearse.

It was reported that her entire village of 15 people came from Suneka. Suneka is a township roughly some 34 minutes from Kisii town via Rongo/Kisii road.As if to be precise, the unfounded report added that the incident happened at exactly 8.22 am.The misinformation was started by a rumor blog who accompanied it with an image of a lady they lifted off the internet. It was amplified across dozens of blogs who profit from fake news.

Moraa was purportedly to graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree.We checked the official 7th Kisii University Graduation booklet and there was no one named Ephie Moraa among the 5,110 graduands.

15 students graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree. Hellen Adoyo earned a first class honors while the rest scored second class honors (upper division).

The varsity has also denied that such an incident happened.

Gladys Nyamchama, a senior medical staff at the institution and the officer responsible for coordinating emergency response for the graduation told this desk they did not handle such a case.

“We had five emergency tents and mine was just at the entrance. I was periodically moving around and I never heard or saw something like that,” Nyamchama who had teams like the Red Cross and St Johns Ambulance under her belt said.

She confirmed that they worked as a team and could not have been oblivious to such an incident.

“There were other officials apart from me, like a supervisor. We also had the Red Cross and St Johns Ambulance students’ chapter. How come such a thing escaped all of us?” she wondered.

We tried to establish the motive of the story and asked Nyamchama if cases of people fainting were commonplace during graduations.

“I think that person wants to ridicule or paint the university in a bad light,” she said, adding that they largely handled blood pressure and hypertension issues among the attendees.

She attributed this to the long distances people traveled to get to the university.Ms Nyamchama’s account was corroborated with news reporters who covered the graduation ceremony.

Kisii Central Police Station OCS Stanley Mbuvi also said that they did not have such a case in their records and that there was no reports that they were detaining the made-up family of 15.

Stay tuned to Magazine Reel, do not fall victim to Fake News. Here we give exactly what is happening in all campuses and colleges in Kenya. If you don’t read it here, then it never happened.



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