It’s Our Call To Care


Doing walks around campus really breaks my heart. It’s quite unfortunate that intellectuals are the most destructive class of humanity. We destroy the environment from which we expect the continuity of our generations. The campus is forever littered by one or several of man-made wastes. This is in spite of the spirited efforts by the cleaners to make the environment tidy.

Man is really an enemy of himself; and Egerton University is a good case study of how self-destructive man can really get. From plastics, PK wrappers, Condom packets, pieces of clothes and Biscuit packets, one can expect nothing but the worst.

The effects of these widespread madness among intellectuals in Egerton University can be witnessed all over but as humans, no one is willing enough to take responsibility for their actions…

Dirty Campus Environment How many times have you drank yoghurt and threw the packet where you took the last sip from? How many times have you bought or been bought for fries (chips) from Tatton or JCR and thrown the plastic bag in which the chips are served on the campus highways? How many times have you left your torn underpants in the bathrooms around campus? How about your stained pants ladies?

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How many times has your clandestine left their garments in your rooms as a suvenior only for you to throw it out through the window in preparation for your next ‘catch’? Imagine on a single day at campus, how many people do that?

I know most of us are in the denial mode. “Not me” is already on their lips. But remember that the more we avoid taking responsibility and changing our behavior, the more the situation is worsened. The effects of our deteriorative actions may not be felt today or tomorrow; but our children and grand children will surely feel it. Ain’t we getting the feel of the effects of our predecessor’s carelessness towards the environment?

Walk around campus and you will be shocked by the number of used condoms and their packets strewn all over. Funny enough, condoms are by far and large used in hostels. How they find themselves on the highways is a good question to ponder on.

The plastic bags that litter the campus together with the torn or stained panties left in washrooms are responsible for the blockages experienced in the sewer system experience around campus. It all starts with a small act of irresponsibility and ends up affecting a large number of students.

We are told stories of hostels that smell like cowsheds, others smell like compost pits …and many more. We however need to ask ourselves a simple question: were the hostels that smelly when they were being constructed? Of course no! Then why are they smelly now?

Apart from the litter buckets around campus, the sanitary towel buckets in the ladies’ hostels and the condom dispensers – which I am told are always empty- the campus management needs to do much more in promotion of environmental preservation.

Compost pits around Buruburu hostels, JCR and Tatton hostels are an eyesore to say the least. A compost pit that serves more than a thousand students a day needs daily emptying. The current clearing schedule is such that no one would like to be nearby while they are being cleared.

This predisposes students to a myriad of diseases.

The management should be in the forefront of encouraging the preservation of the environment- especially now that Egerton is the premier agricultural collage. Students also need to be responsible of their actions. After all, the buck stops with me and you! Being your brothers’ keep does not end on ensuring that they are safe, it includes ensuring that they don’t become irresponsible. Let’s take care of our environment today and ensure that our future generations have a place to live



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