Jaguar Releases A New Track “Barua kwa Rais” Shortly After Appointment


The millionaire businessman and popular Kenyan artist Jaguar featuring Sudi have released a new track

‘Barua kwa Rais.’


Jaguar is well known for his love of mankind character and his song ‘kigeugeu’ which is his most viewed clip and has won most of the awards, alongside other hits such as nimetoka mbali, nikuskize, kioo, kipepeo and jina langu.

In this one, Jaguar is a tailor while sudi is a pauper. The track was produced by Main switch production. Sudi has previously had collabos with hip hop artist Rabbit which led to a number of other artistes to brand him a mere artiste who can only survive on doing collabos and can’t have a tune of his own. Sudi however urged his haters to continue dissing him saying all of it is a blessing.



“what is wrong with doing collabos with other artists if at the end of the day everyone gains.”

Jaguar had promised that the track would hit of which it has actually has following the many views it had on YouTube shortly after it was posted. On his Facebook page comments and likes were showing after the video link was posted. Jaguar puts it as a letter to the president telling him the needs of an ordinary Kenyan.



It highlights the various challenges faced by citizens on day to day basis and how they would love to meet His Excellency and express their predicaments to him.
This comes after Jaguar was appointed a member of NACADA by President Uhuru Kenyatta last month.



Following his appointment the youths felt happy and represented that a young person was chosen to hold such a revered position.Sudi is quick to warn that drug abuse has killed the careers of many talented youths especially in the coast region.



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