Jalang’o Exposes Churchill Show Financial Secrets


Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o exposed information on the popular Churchill Show that had been hidden from many Kenyans.

During a Candid interview with fellow comedian Zainabu Zeddy, the two laid bare their opinions about the Churchill show.


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“Let me tell you something Churchill will never reveal, and comedians cannot understand. People see a packed audience and think he has made a lot of money. The tent in which the event is held doesn’t cost less that Ksh3 million,” Jalang’o explained.

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Jalang’o who is a close friend of the show host advised comedians to use the platform as a gateway to better things because they could not depend on the show’s allowances to change their lives.

“Performing at private functions and clubs can earn you Ksh 50,000 but you can’t earn that money on Churchill Show because it’s not there,” Jalang’o stated before breaking down the event’s costs.


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He then further went on to disclose that running the whole show cost around Ksh5 million.

Jalang’o added that for Churchill to meet the operation cost, it would require at least 5,000 people to pay Ksh 1,000 each for tickets.

“Do you know that sometimes half of the crowd would attend the show for free?” Jalang’o posed to Zeddy.


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The radio presenter added that on some nights, Churchill would be lucky to make even Ksh 200,000. He explained that a lot of money would be used to hire chairs, accommodation, lights and stage equipment as well as the technical crew.

He challenged that if the host were making as much money as people thought then he wouldn’t need to work as a presenter at Classic 105 FM.

Zeddy on her part stated that Comedians were also suffering since one was only paid if their sketch was aired on TV.


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“Comedians would perform for months and never air, how do you expect them to make a living yet sometimes they have incurred costs to perform,” she wondered.

“The audience during the live recording usually get to see up to 15 performances and wonder why only a few are aired,” the comedian added.



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