JKUAT Students Dare the University to De-Register Them


Students of Jomo Kenyatta university (JKUAT) have written to the University management daring them de-register a single student based on the new fee policy which they have termed as draconian.
This is after the registrar issued a memo requiring all students to have cleared fees by 30th October , 2015 or be given academic leave.
The same memo was issued in November 2014 last year by the former registrar causing the students to riot and protested against the directive which they termed as draconian .

The students have threatened to kick out of the university all the top management and conduct a peaceful march to the Cabinet secretary in-charge of education prof. Jacob Kaimenyi and state house to have the President address their concerns.

Their students leaders in JKUSO have been threatened by the university and have remained silent on the matter with confusion on whether to be on the side of the students or the administration, while some have been bribed to remain silent. The students have also vowed to impeach their officials from office incase a single student is de-registered by the university as they have failed to address them on the issue.

They have decried massive corruption in the university , mismanagement , wastage of resources and daylight theft of funds , yet the university is interfering with the students right to quality education at the expense of Money , which is not the governments policy concerning education.

They have claimed that at the beginning of this year , the top management officers have been using funds from the university to build private hostels which they rent to the students at exorbitant rates , taking advantage of the lack of adequate hostels in the university , and extorting the poor students.
The first years have been charged KUCCPS fees by the university, whereas the same money was paid by the individual students to KUCCPS via M-pesa before applying for the course , while continuing students are forced to pay for strange items like student ID fees every now and then , and they already have the IDs.

The students have given the university an ultimatum to stop the implementation of the new fee policy and revert to the old one which required the students to clear the fees before being issued with exam cards , and the students have declared that they will not be guided by the new fee policy as they were not consulted in its development, and their parents and sponsors are not aware of the policy. They said they will request the President to retire the top management as they are too old to work and are being used to steal and in aiding corruption cartels in the university.

They also pointed out that the University has misused a lot of money in buying land at Kenyatta road at 20 billion , purchase of ICEA lion building at 8 billion , purchase of land in Mombasa at 15 billion and funding unviable campuses and centers which are a liability to the university , therefore straining them. They have requested the university to cancel all these corrupt deals and invest the money in developing the main campus , by putting up structures for lecture halls , offices , laboratories and hostels.

The JKUAT management have been accused of lying to the public about JKUAT manufacturing laptops which our spot check have found out to be untrue , and that the so called Taifa laptops are imported from a chinese firm and stored in the COHES building in the university after bribing officers in the institution to help them get a chance to bid for the Jubilee laptop project. No single computer manufacturing plant is available at JKUAT, despite them having invited the President and the Deputy President and lying to them that the institution has a fully operational computer and laptop manufacturing plants.



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