JKUAT’s Jomo Erick Brutally Attacked and Arrested by Police Deep in the Night


Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) was under turmoil yester night after students threatened to break the peace in the middle of the night. This happened after it emerged that one of the student leaders was being harassed by a group of policemen within the institution. The policemen had reported to the institution after being informed of a probable chaotic scenario.

Students at around 10pm started demanding the release of the Jkuat president, Mr Jomo Erick. Jomo was harassed and subsequently arrested following the turbulence caused by external housing agencies increasing the accommodation rates. There has been lack of a mutual base of understanding between the student leadership of JKUAT and the Accommodation department after it emerged that the later had plans of hiking fees for the students.

Mr Jomo had earlier been reported to have stood firm and told the hostel owners that the students union will not allow them to overcharge the students by escalating hostel prices  in the university environment. This is said to have been taken as a threat to the businesses of several landlords who yesterday called on the police to arrest the student union leader. They claimed that he was out to incite students against them.

Jomo Erick had also contacted Magazine Reel late last month indicating student leaders disappointment with the way government was handling students affairs in this country. He had cited continuous increase of fee by the management of the universities amidst protests from students. He also cited the numerous instances of poor service delivery which he said was being deliberately done to increase anger and despair within the students fraternity. Mr Jomo claimed that the government chose to remain dump on this gravy issues affecting creme dela creme in this country.

“Let it be on record that we’ll ask for indefinite closure of the university if the government cannot give us a clear way forward”, Jomo categorically said in a text send to Magazine Reel’s editorial desk.

It is not yet clear whether the student leader spent his day behind the cell doors or if the pressure from the students led to his release. Our conversation with his close early has so far gone mute but we are following up on this developing story closely to ensure that we keep every Reeler posted.




  1. If it means the school to be closed for the good of the comrades. let it be. A comrade should not suffer.

  2. Student leaders are chosen to stand for their colleagues and I support Jomo 100%. On the other hand kindly ensure your articles are proof read before being posted…..so many errors on this.

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