Karatina University Acquires a Brand New Bus, Promises Students a Smooth Ride after COVID-19

Karatina, Education

Students of Karatina University, your brand new bus awaits you once you resume school! The institution has acquired a new bus from Scania and are so much excited to share a ride with students once they resume school after COVID-19.

The institution adds the new bus into their fleet possession that has ensured that their activities including those to be carried out from far off the place continue as planned. This is also in response to cries from the student fraternity who called out the management to service the available vehicles or buy a new one as the available ones had worn off.

Though the University has not revealed the price of the vehicle, the 72 seater is estimated to have cost them slightly above 5 million shillings.

Just as other institutions of higher learning, Karatina University had closed its doors and sent home students as a way of containing the spread of COVID-19 in the country. The government through the Ministry of Health has so far confirmed more than 900 positive cases of the virus and are working day and night to try and flatten the curve.

Some of the containment measures put in place include, a stay home order for all pupils in Primary schools, high school students and university and college students. The government has also emphasized on the need to wear masks in public places and practice high levels of hygiene at any given time.

The government has also implored some actions such as lock-down of areas with widespread and vigorous cases  and also cessation of movement into and out of Nairobi, Mombasa and Kilifi.

The government through the Ministry of Education has rolled out a survey to determine whether it would be necessary to reopen all schools and institutions of higher learning within the next two weeks. As this is happening, many institutions have already taken charge of the situation and are currently using technology to deliver their lessons to pupils and students at home.



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