Kenya is NOT Ready for a New Curriculum, This is Why?


January 30th 2017, the then Education cabinet secretary Fred Matiangi, while addressing the national conference on curriculum reforms at Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) Nairobi, said that the government through the ministry of Education is ready to roll out a new education curriculum. This was going to kick out the 32-year-old 8-4-4 routine. As early as the 29th of January 2017, the Kenya institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) was ready to roll out the competence-based curriculum 2-6-3-3 in Kenya for the very first time.

The roll out of this new system was to kick off in May 2017 on 470 pilot schools across the nation. One of the biggest changes that was to come with this new system was the scrapping of the national examinations. The new system was to focus on continuous assessment and holistic development of the students.

In January 2018, once again, Fred Matiangi, still the Education cabinet secretary said that 170,000 teachers are going through training in readiness of the new system. Matiangi also assured Kenyans that the teachers service commission (TSC) was embarking on hiring 12,000 teachers annually. This was to keep up with the proposed new system. As at January this year, the competence based curriculum (CBC) was unstoppable, according to Fred Matiangi.

On January 5 2018, President Kenyatta addressing the nation from Statehouse Nairobi, announced his cabinet and Fred Matiangi had been officially moved from Education ministry to Interior ministry. That meant one thing, Matiangi’s “Baby” – the new curriculum needed a new caretaker and that was none other than Ambassador Amina Mohammed.

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Going in, Amina knew that every eye on the land was and is staring at her docket. The pressure to lead the nation across to one of the worlds most revered education system was heavy. After much considerations and meetings, on 15 December 2018, Amina addressed the press and gave out eight reasons why the new Curriculum has to wait until 2020. More confusion, the parents and various stake holders were speaking. Her reasons were valid and the nation was ready to wait one more time, for the future of the Kids.

12 Days after the government through the ministry of Education said that the nation was not just ready to shift, Amina was back and she was giving the system a clean bill of health. The Government might be scared to keep investing in this system, but it has to take all the available time to get it right from the beginning. Amina’s move to halt and then revert points at a possible pressure from people behind the scenes.

Whatever it is, we should not rush this system, so far, 20,000 teachers are supposed to be employed to fit the CBC. Let us not rush in implementing this curriculum, let us stop confusing the parents and the kids. This is EDUCATION, the foundation of any good nation. Things do not go wrong, they start wrong.

The writer is an award winning Radio/TV Personality . Follow him on @Calebkoyo and @Magazinereel



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