Kenya National Library Service Set to Increase its Rates as From April


The Government has found a new way to earn its revenue from students and researchers. The Kenya National Library has increased its rates.

For those who have the membership card, the card will no longer exclude you from paying twenty shillings as an entry fee. Everybody who wants access to the library’s material will have to pay the twenty shilling fee at the counter. For the novel-lovers and research students who would like to carry the books home, a twenty shilling fee will be required for each book. However, you can only borrow a maximum of two books for a period of fourteen days, after which they should be returned. Failure to which a fine of 10shillings per book per day will be charged on your account.

Membership cards, which were available after a go-ahead from your university or college and three hundred shillings, will now be free to every student after the required registration.

These new rules are effective from 1st April 2015. The amendment to the legislation has been passed under Hassan Wario, The Cabinet Secretary of Sports,Culture and Arts of Kenya.

IMG_20150382_115431 The library is open from Monday to Friday until 6:30pm, and half day on Saturdays.Several students visit it daily to attend to their assignments. For those who have passed through Community Area, on your way to Railways, you are well aware that the library building is being extended and this has gone on for quite a while now. It is my hope now that following these new charges, the building will come up a bit faster than it currently is.