Kenya Orient Insurance Company Risks Students Wrath Over Compensation Failure

Kenya Orient Insurance Company

A group of students drawn from different campuses in Kenya have promised to bring down Kenya Orient Insurance Company should they fail to compensate Richard D Ogendo.

Speaking to the media yesterday, university students drawn from the vast Kisumu central constituency vowed to damage the reputation Kenya Orient Insurance Company enjoys should they fail to compensate for a lost track.

The track which disappeared two years ago belonged to Big Pictures Productions, a company that Mr Ogendo acts as the director. Details indicate that the track was of great help to the students fraternity. Used for the road shows and other events, the track which provided a cheap entertainment avenue for the students also acted as a source of employment to several talented university students from the region.

Magazine Reel has learnt that Ogendo went to court over the issue but both the corridors of justice and the said insurance company is dragging its shoes in addressing the menace. The students now claim that this is a fraud well planned by the insurance company which continues to collect premiums from the public.

Details given to Magazine Reel shows records of how Mr Ogendo has lodged more than 5 complaints to the insurance company. The records also show that Ogendo proved beyond reasonable doubt that indeed the track was lost under unclear circumstances and that it met the conditions set for compensation by the Kenya Orient Insurance Company.

“Kenya Orient Insurance should compensate or stop collecting premium from the public. Until this truck is compensated we shall haunt them always”, Lennox, a student, Promoter and Events Organizer said.

The group promised to mobilize all Kenyans of good will to ensure that such rogue insurance company is dealt with in court of the public. Under the hashtag #SayNoToInsuranceFraud, the students are already giving it a shot with Kenyans on Twitter otherwise referred to as #KOT.

“The silence is now over.We ask the social media ,friends supporters and all Kenyans to stand up against insurance fraud”, Lennox who leads the group said.

Richard Ogendo has been on record as one of the Kisumu central constituency parliamentary seat contestant. He will square it out with Kisumu Central MP Ken Obura come the 2017 general elections. In the recent past, Ken Obura’s leadership has been under constant criticism from the students fraternity for allegedly keeping them out of his plans.



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