Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) Hits At Kagame.


Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have lashed Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame for what they termed as rude reply to a local presenter’s tweet. The war of tweets began after Kagame twitted

@PaulKagame Many thanks to the tireless legal team ,friends and the unbreakable Rwandan spirit….!!!

Kass Fm presenter Levi Kones replied to the tweet

@levikones @PaulKagame I really hope sir, you will not ruin your legacy by being President for life.

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This got the President unaware and he replied

@PaulKagame @levikones worry more about your own legacy …if you got any at all to think about!!


The conversation got the attention of the hawkeyed KOT which is always on vigilante ready to play advocacy to the oppressed, keep the Government on check, defend the nation against online attacks just to mention a few.

Using hash tag #SomeoneTellKagame KOT questioned the Democratic space in Rwanda and Kagame’s 3rd Term bid. The shocking revelations from the Rwanda lawmakers that only ten citizens oppose Kagame’s 3rd Term bid was also a matter of concern to KOT.

Rwanda now awaits a referendum to add and ammend the constitutional change. His party has been in power for more than a decade.


Here are some of the tweets from KOT.

@Joe_Kioko Kagame has done great for Rwanda but sticking to power for too long is contagious. Even Africa’ son Mandela gave up power #SomeoneTellKagame

@Disembe #SomeOneTellKagame that if he believes he has done Rwanda any good and people are feeling good he should relinquish power and enjoy THE GOOD

@LaureUwase #SomeOneTellKagame true leaders don’t put opposition in jail nor murder them. True leaders create more leaders. Rwanda needs a new president

@KapeiJoseph #SomeoneTellKagame KOT can take anyone head – on and tell them the truth NKT kagame it’s time to pack and go home

@Euty_Mathenge #SomeoneTellKagame This is how he starts a journey that will make him end up like Gbagbo, Gaddaffi, Nkurunziza, and Hosni Mubarak.

Others however sided with Kagame.

@AbassAbdiaziz Kenyans have endured 24 brutal years of Moi, a benevolent dictator like @PaulKagame is a solace to a weary heart #SomeoneTellKagame. 

@itsBiketti #SomeoneTellKagame To allow the rule of law and voice of people to prevail, dictatorship is not part of modern day governance

@axmedjama I would rather have @PaulKagame as my president for 30 yrs than having a cycle of corrupt governments. # SomeOneTellKagame




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