Kimathi University Students Receive Free Condoms as Health Week Continues


The Dedan Kimathi University of Technology usually has a university calendar that covers a vast events through out the academic year. This usually accommodates at least a week dedicated for health activities. This year has made it bigger and better with support from Nyeri county government, national population survey among other partners. The event will run the whole week between 28th April, 2015 to 1st may 2015 offering services inclusive of HIV testing, cervical cancer screening , body mass index checks, family planning services , general health examinations among other services deemed fit for the campus young adult

It has come to our attention that most campus love birds are taking this golden chance as they call it rightfully and to their advantage. Most voluntary counselling and testing rooms were flocked by lovebirds who not only wanted to know their status but also those of their lovers.

As if that was not enough most of them then proceeded to the family planning services rooms seeking the best contraceptive and barrier methods for themselves. Watching from a distance some even later proceeded together to take their weights and BMIs.

Someone was overheard telling her boyfriend “hehe naona uliongeza kilo ndo maana siku izi unajua kunifanyia mambo” after having their weights checked

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We had an opportunity to informally interview some individuals after the exercise and we had equally interesting response.

One students who was carrying two packets of condoms could not resist talking to us due to his happiness. He told us how the free condoms will go a long way in reducing his expenditure during the semester. He told us how surviving on the meagre thirty seven thousand shillings per year assistance from helb was hard and therefore whenever a chance to cut down expenditure on some necessary stuffs like condoms came by he will happily grab it with his two hands.


The ladies could not also hide their happiness having been offered training on contraceptive use and even been offered some free pills to start with their fertility regulatory measures

One of the students from the school of health sciences who is also a participant of the event said he was amused by the huge turn outs for the event especially by campus love partners and said this was the a good show for the young adults taking measures for their partners health.



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